Mending the Bear by Vanessa Devereaux

Mending the Bear by Vanessa Devereaux
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (121 pgs)
Other: M/F, Masturbation, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Ian Mallory thought he’d found his mate when he was young, but now she’s betrayed him in the worst possible way. There’s only one thing for a bear to do and that’s get on his motorcycle and go on the rampage.

Eve Barclay’s the new vet in town. She loves her new home of Kalispell. Well, that is until a crazy guy wearing a biker jacket with a bear emblem goes flying by sending mud all over her new hairdo. If that’s not bad enough, she slips in the supermarket where he’s thrown salmon all over the floor.

Ian’s punishment…look after the lady vet. His reward… being seen with a new woman who might just make his mate jealous.

Eve’s reward…having a sexy guy watching out for her. Eve’s punishment…having a sexy guy around and vowing never to fall for one ever again.

Mending the Bear has a good story and does not need to be read in order of the series as it’s a solid standalone tale. It might be the 13th in the series but since I forgot the finer details of stories I’d read in the past, I’m perfectly comfortable recommending this little gem to newbie paranormal romance readers of the Kalispell Shifters series.

It starts off with Ian being wronged. And wow, does he ever have a temper. The good thing is that he does not take it out on people, at least, not directly. He splashes through puddles and throws some fish around so it’s not too terrible. But a reader definitely gets the impression that the hero is hurting and he’s not able to think beyond his immediate pain. What I liked was that all his friends and family rallied around him and tried to cheer him up. Ian does have to make restitution and I felt the council was more than fair. In fact their edict introduced him to Eve and that was the best part.

Eve was there in Kalispell to turn over a new leaf in her life. She knows what she wants and won’t settle for less. What she didn’t expect was to meet Ian and her reaction to him. She’s not quite sure what to do because the hero instills in her feelings she never even had for her first husband. Eve had her moments of doubt but she gamely decides that she isn’t going to fear going after what she wants, and she wants Ian. And the fun begins.

The author dabbles in some foreshadowing that had me expecting something dramatic or sinister to happen, but never did. Ms. Devereaux reiterated that eerie factor with Charlie so I expect it to pop up in a future story. At least in Mending the Bear a reader only has to deal with the internal conflict between Eve and Ian. It’s solid enough that no external conflict is required.

I did notice a bunch of editing issues, one of which is a point of view error when it was supposed to be Ian speaking but was identified as Eve. Another thing that made me raise an eyebrow was Eve’s reaction to when she finally sees Ian’s furry side. It was too rushed and a bit unrealistic for me considering what lead up to it. Sure, what came after would thrill erotic romance readers but I prefer a bit more substance and emotion to what should have been an earth shattering moment but instead was glossed over.

As for the elements that erotic romance fans like to see, Ms. Devereaux does not disappoint. The bedroom door is completely wide open so fans should like what they read.

Mending the Bear is an easy read with a likeable hero and heroine. It has its shining moments and has engaging dialogue to keep a reader interested. It’s a decent story with a satisfactory HEA. The hook at the end means more fun is in store for fans of the Kalispell Shifters. I hope Cade’s story is as entertaining as this one was.

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