Marked by Aline Hunter


Marked by Aline Hunter
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Twilight
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (136 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Verbena

Fantasy becomes reality if you carry the mark.

Chloe Bryant doesn’t know what to expect when she enters The Wolf’s Den. Drawn to the werewolf tattoo parlor for reasons she can’t explain, she soon discovers the sexy man from her dreams isn’t a figment of her imagination. Not only is Jackson Donovan real, but he explains the dreams they shared are due to a destined mating. But it can’t be possible. She’s not a werewolf. Even if he swears the mark on her wrist indicates otherwise.

Jackson is stunned to discover the beautiful minx from his dreams isn’t a full-blooded werewolf but a Halfling. The only way to uncover Chloe’s past is to stake a claim to her future. Taking the delectable female into his bed, he’ll unlock every secret she has to hide—as well as awaken the passion she’s tucked away for too long—by exploring her mind, body and soul one sweet inch at a time.

Nothing like being a normal girl one day and a wolf the next to qualify as a major life-changing event.

Having an interest in paranormal creatures and being one are two different things, at least to Chloe Bryant. Chloe always sensed there was something different about herself, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. But an itchy scar on her wrist and a sense of not belonging certainly didn’t equate to full-moons, werewolves, and dreamsharing with a man that made her hormones shift into overdrive. Unlike her, Chloe’s best friend abhorred anything paranormal. So, despite the fact that she shared almost everything with Rachel, the subtle changes going on her body, the strange erotic dreams, and the facelace man that haunted her sleep were all things she’d kept to herself, making her not only feel out-of-sorts and weird, but very much alone.

Then came the strange idea to get a tattoo. Chloe wouldn’t settle for any ol’ tattoo from any ol’ tattoo parlor. Nope, not this gal. With the grandparents out for a bit, she plotted a trip to The Wolf’s Den, a place where good little girls didn’t dare travel. Not unless they wanted to get eaten by a big bad wolf. And speaking of eating…

Jackson Donovan couldn’t believe his eyes—or nose—when the petite little strawberry-blonde with bouncing curls stepped into his tattoo shop. One whiff of the pheromones she put off and he knew she was the mysterious woman he’d been dreamsharing with. More importantly, she was his true mate. While finding one’s mate is normally a joyous affair for any wolf, being alpha and leader of his pack, he wasn’t sure if the other wolves would accept a half-breed for their lupa. While he suspected Chloe came from a strong line of wolves, he worried about her human half. Particularly, if she’d be able to shift or not. But those were things to worry about later. Her hormones were in high gear and any male within a short radius would likely notice her scent. Jackson had many delicious ideas in mind for Chloe, and eating her was certainly on the list.

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book that had me glued from page one. I found myself thinking about the characters and wanting to get back to the story when life called me away. Marked by Aline Hunter has a perfect blend of alpha male and naïve female that instantly grabs your attention. Chloe is innocent, yet eager to learn everything she needs to know to embrace the life of a wolf. Jackson is 100% hot-blooded male, yet struggles to be patient and lead Chloe down the path of knowledge and experience in all things pertinent to her new life as not only his mate, but co-leader of his pack. There’s some hard lessons to be learned for the both of them, but it only makes their bond stronger.

The secondary characters were equally intriguing. Ms. Hunter does a marvelous job of introducing just enough others to enhance the plot without muddying the waters and making it too confusing to keep everyone straight.  Marked is a truly worthwhile read from beginning to end and leaves many doors open for some future tales—if the author feels incline. This is one reader who’s hoping she does because I’m anxious to know what happens with Rachel and Declan.

For a howling hot read chocked full of sexy-as-hell wolves, head-strong females, and a few humans tossed into the mix, be sure to grab a copy of Marked by Aline Hunter. The sex is super hot so read with caution—or a glass of something cold to cool you down—and the characters are addicting. If you love wolf-shifter tales, you’ll likely fall for Chloe and Jackson right from the start. I know I did.

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