Her Type of Guy by Doris O’Connor, Raven McAllan, Michaela Rhua, Ella Grey, Morgan King

Her Type of Guy by Doris O’Connor, Raven McAllan, Michaela Rhua, Ella Grey, Morgan King
 Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (92 pgs)
Other: M/F, voyeurism, Menage, M/F/M, toys, BDSM
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

For every desire, there’s a man to meet it. Someone’s annoyance is another’s kink. In this naughty collection of short stories, indulge your fantasies, and follow our heroines as they find just the right type of guy or guys…

From bouncing cocks to virgins, slow coaches, true Scotsmen, and messy play partners, sex toy experts and their mischievous friends—these guys are in need of their ladies. Why is one guy too grumpy to believe, another always too early? And can there ever be a future with a hired killer?

Only one way to find out. You might just meet your ideal guy.

Her Type of Guy was a fun anthology with a set of different stories that entertained (some more than others) me.

The Man with the Bouncing Cock by Doris O’Connor

I don’t know who decided to set the order of the stories, but with a title like that I entered the anthology with gusto. I’ve read other works by Doris O’Connor, and once again, she didn’t disappoint. From the start, in barely a few lines, I was able to feel an emotional connection with the hero. I laughed, frowned and felt sad at times. Though the ending was a bit disappointing due to its abruptness, the story was sweet and mildly hot.

Grumpy Pants by Doris O’Connor

Another delightful piece and one of my favorites. The story’s development was pleasantly surprising; the characters had a great connection and unlike her other story, this one was sizzling hot.

A True Scotsman by Raven McAllan

This was my least favorite story in the anthology. There was a lot of dialogue meant to be sexy and fun, but didn’t quite cut it for me. I felt no connection with either of the characters, only catching brief glimpses of a relationship that wasn’t explained in any way and felt one-sided. The descriptions were well done, but the whole tale felt like a chapter pulled from another bigger piece.

No Longer Pure As… by Raven McAllan

This one I enjoyed. It was engaging and funny. The lead character, Marcus, was sweet and had some internal dialogue that had me grinning in several places. Overall it was cute, and left me with a smile.

Only When Allowed by Michaela Rhua

This was a great, unique piece. Here was another guy I felt sorry for, but not for long. Michaela Rhua brought an unexpected twist to the story which made it wonderful and scorching hot. It was by far, my favorite piece in the anthology.

Snail’s Pace by Michaela Rhua

This one was a nice story with some slow, heated, passion.

Ghost by Ella Grey

This one was sweet. There was no sex, just a heart stopping attraction and chemistry between the characters that had me delve into the story with gusto. The piece could easily expand into something longer, but it was well plotted and written as a short story and enjoyable to read as such.

Messy by Ella Grey

This one was a very enjoyable erotic story. Quick and scorching, it explained the title of the piece perfectly.

The Tickle Arms and Delightful Consequences by Morgan King

These two pieces go hand in hand. The first one is a warmer, introducing the characters and some fun, sexy, public play, whilst the second one amps the heat by several degrees introducing another character. It was, in my opinion, the most erotic story in the anthology, and was the cherry on top as the ending to the book.

All in all, Her Type of Guy was an enjoyable anthology guaranteed to get heat you up and keep you entertained.

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