Chasing the Dead: A Western Romance by Keta Diablo

Chasing the Dead by Keta Diablo
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

~1884, New Mexico~

Madrid Arrende has been kidnapped by the Apache. Determined to rescue his daughter, her wealthy father realizes there is only one man capable of bringing her back alive…Deacon Bannister. Deacon doesn’t give one whit about the large sum of money Don Erasmos Arrende has offered him to rescue her. Deacon only cares about bringing the woman he left standing at the altar a year ago home.

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Will they make it back alive to Madrid’s father’s hacienda or will Deacon lose the woman he loves forever?

This novel is a compelling story of two brothers, Deacon and Gideon, who survived the destruction of their ranch and death of their parents years ago at the hands of Apaches, and their two women, Madrid and Sacheen, characters with their own tortured histories. Deacon’s, Gideon’s, and their other brothers’ two sisters are missing, kidnapped, and even after all these years, they intend on finding them. This motivation will drive many of their actions into dangerous territory.

When Madrid, Deacon’s ex-fiancé, gets kidnapped, Deacon’s problems increase severalfold. Their history is sad. They loved each other, but he walked away from her because he needed to concentrate on finding his sisters. However, their mutual feelings continue. Now Deacon must rescue Madrid. Will their love be rekindled?

When Deacon gets captured by the Apaches who hold Madrid, sparks fly between him and his former love. The adventure picks up. Sacheen, an Apache woman, enters the scene. Cultural tidbits are interspersed throughout the story to add depth and understanding. Deacon, Madrid, and Sacheen have a supernatural enemy trying to kill them. How can one defeat such an opponent?

When they go up against this enemy, their lives are put on the line. Gideon comes along to complicate things, and his feelings for Sacheen and hers for him add a nice subplot to the novel. The book is well written with a sense of urgency. Readers of Western romantic paranormals are sure to enjoy this exciting tale.

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