By Invitation Only by Allie Quinn

By Invitation Only by Allie Quinn
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (111 pages)
Other: M/F, mild BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

When Alex accepts an invitation to the Midnight Castle sex club, she is promised pure pleasure. A mysterious, masked lover by the name of Raven makes good on that promise, showing her she belongs in the world of kinky sex with ropes and blindfolds. Night after night, he introduces her to more pleasure. Not only does he make her come with his wonderful hands, he manages to reach in and grasp her heart. He teaches her she can let go of her inhibitions and let her desires guide her.

By day a lost puppy dog with a stutter, James works digging up information for Alex at her law firm. At night, he’s Raven, and he’s terrified Alex will reject him when she learns his true identity. When a threat from Alex’s past comes knocking at her door, James has to reveal his true identity in order to save the woman who holds his heart.

He invited her for a night of pleasure but if he had his way it would be the first night of forever.

A mask provides not only an opportunity to become someone else but it’s a shot of courage to take a chance at someone who might otherwise seem unattainable.

Alexandria is a lawyer. In the courtroom, she’s in charge and takes on a lot of stress to see that justice is served. Outside the courtroom, she wants to let go. Really let go. The coveted invitation to Midnight Castle from an admirer couldn’t have come at a better time. There were several things that I picked up on right away that made this scenario a little more realistic. First off, she had some history with a “kinky” sex partner so, she wasn’t accepting the invite with no clue as to what she wanted or expected. Secondly, she didn’t just sign the contract without asking a question or two. With her being a lawyer, that wouldn’t have been true to character.

The story moves back and forth in the first person POV. It wasn’t quite as smooth a transition at times as it could have been but it wasn’t a show stopper, either. The premise was interesting enough that I really wanted to see if they had more than sexual chemistry after the masks came off.

There wasn’t any doubt that they fit well together in the club and since I knew going in exactly who “Raven” was it was also oddly sweet, if kinky sex in a sex club can be called sweet. It was also hot. The author does a really nice job of putting this reader right into the room and up close to all the action going on, lots and lots of interesting action.

While the sex is good, I was happy to notice that there was more to this short story. More to the characters. Alex has a history that’s brought up, most often in her own comparison with her present, but it was James’ back story and scars that rounded this story out to a satisfying conclusion. They both sought peace with their pasts and ultimately found that and more.

Something else that had me curious was to see if James would intentionally reveal himself or accidentally give himself away at the office. There were so many possibilities and directions that the author could have taken it. I won’t say which scenario is correct but the way it works out didn’t disappoint.

Ms. Quinn packed a lot of story into this novella. Almost too much it seemed at times but it was still overall truly enjoyable. I will definitely be searching out other books by this author and readers who enjoy some intrigue and a healthy dose of heat, should give this one a try as well.

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