Bonfyre by Becky Brinkley

Bonfyre by Becky Brinkley
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Bonfyre, a little red convertible, mysteriously changes the lives of its drivers. Bonfyre sparks Suzanne into finding the courage to escape and ignites Becca’s heart to risk love again. Stacy stops a stalker and Dorothy finds a reason to go on. Bonfyre drives Rachael to overcome her phobia and inflames Grandy’s desire to expand her horizons. Tracy creates a red-hot masterpiece and Amber leaves her smoldering secrets behind. Bonfyre! The sisterhood of the traveling convertible.

It’s never too late to start fresh in life.

This book regularly introduced new human characters as Bonfyre was bought and sold over and over again. I loved getting to know all of the women who knew this car no matter how short or long their times together happened to be. Each one of them was coming from a unique set of circumstances that influenced how they reacted to this car. I won’t mention any specific names, but I should note that some of their backstories included sensitive material such as domestic violence and stalking for any readers who prefer not to be surprised by these subjects.
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It would have been nice to have more character development. While the various women who owned Bonfyre did make changes in their lives, there wasn’t as much time devoted to exploring why these changes happened as I would have liked to see. Given the wide variety of problems they dealt with, this was surprising. There was so much space here to show how ordinary people can transform their lives in marvellous ways, but it wasn’t explored very deeply at all.

Some of the best scenes involved acts of true human kindness. Whether the characters involved in it had been friends for years or had met five minutes beforehand, it was heartwarming to see just how far they’d go to help someone who desperately needed it without any expectation of reciprocation or reward. That’s something I could read about all day and never grow tired of. It’s so wholesome.

The other thing I would have liked to see developed more fully were the conflicts in this tale. As mentioned earlier, these characters dealt with pretty serious issues in many cases. It came as a surprise to me see how quickly and easily their problems were solved. While it happened more than once, this was especially true when it came to the domestic violence subplot. As much as I wish we all lived in a world where abuse could be permanently resolved this fast, knowing that this generally isn’t the case pulled me out of the storyline because of how unrealistic it is for most victims.

I enjoyed the fact that the paranormal elements were allowed to simply exist without the need to dig into how they worked or why they attached themselves to a convertible. Bonfyre was an incredibly special vehicle that brought good things into the lives of everyone who owned it. Sometimes readers really only need a basic understanding of why impossible things are happening, and this was one of them.

Bonfyre should be read by anyone who loves seeing storylines tied up neatly and happily.


  1. Thanks for the review. I appreciate the constructive feedback. All very good points. I will work harder on character development and backstory.

    • You’re welcome. I hope you’ll consider submitting your future books (or novellas/short stories) to us.

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