Angel by Lola Dodge

Angel by Lola Dodge
Manhattan Ten #4
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (108 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Simply unforgettable…and wildly dangerous.

Manhattan Ten, Book 4

Angelina Márquez’s perfect memory recall makes her ideally suited to manage the Manhattan Ten superhero crew, a task that sometimes borders on insanity. Still, the price of being everything to everyone is high.

A recruiting trip to UCLA does nothing to cure her chronic insomnia. Intel indicates someone in the L.A. Pack may be harboring anti-super sentiment. On top of that, she’s sent to retrieve a straight-out-of-the-jungle panther shifter being detained at LAX.

Tequani was looking forward to visiting his hero brother, but when civilization unexpectedly brings out his claws, he’s court-ordered to stick with Angel while his paws are on U.S. soil. He’s fully prepared to be bored out of his skull—except Angel’s talents and beauty fill the vacant places in his soul.

Angel can’t seem to stop Quan from burning himself into her mind, right down to the exact dimensions of his abdominals. But when they fall into a trap, survival means pooling every one of their talents. A move that could balance their souls…or throw their hearts into dangerous chaos.

A wild panther shifter loose in the LAX!

Angelina is the babysitter or the manager for the Manhattan Ten with total recall ability. Meaning she never forgets a thing. There is a super hero group for every area like New Orleans and such. And Angelina AKA Angel manages the Manhattan group. They save the humans from paranormal threats.

A hero recruitment program in UCLA goes haywire when she’s sent to retrieve a wild panther shifter in the airport but also has to figure out who is siding with the anti-supers.

This is my first time to read a Manhattan Ten book,  so I was surprised to find I totally fell in love with the characters. I’m not only talking about the main characters. This was written in a way that the appropriate reaction is shown for the appropriate character.

Angel is a strong iron-willed woman with a skill that could put a damper on some aspects of a relationship. So I was curious to see the development of the chemistry she had with Quan, the wild panther shifter she rescued in the airport.

Quan is a panther shifter who has literally lived in the jungle until he thought he needed a change and tried to travel without a Visa. He not only gets tangled in conspiracy and but he finds his mate.

Since this is the fourth book I think that Ms. Dodge did a good job providing a lot of background info but I would still say that there was some that was missing. However, for me the highlight was the relationship between Quan and Angel right up until the climax.

The plot was foggy for me at first. The past played such a big role in this but in the end I understood what was going on. I still had some questions that went unanswered. I would suggest for the readers to start from the beginning. This doesn’t mean that this could never be read as a standalone, but to really understand the plot I suggest starting from the first book in this series.

There’s a lot going on in this short story and readers who want action with a heaping helping of the paranormal should check this out for a quick read.

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