Across the Way by Mary Monroe

Across the Way by Mary Monroe
Publisher: Dafina
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (288 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

When good-time couple Milton and Yvonne Hamilton moved one house over from the respectable-but-restless Odell and Joyce Watson, it was a fast friendship of shared secrets—and secret jealousies and betrayals. Their alliance was bound to crash and burn, but the Hamiltons won’t quite let the flame die out, even after scandalous accusations get them arrested . . .

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Now pushed past his breaking point, Odell is sure he’s got a foolproof plan to end the scheming once and for all. But it soon spirals into lies, shattering violence, and permanent damage that will roil their tranquil community, and alter his and Joyce’s world forever . . .

This is the final book in the Neighbors series. I am sad that the series has ended but the book did not disappoint. My favorite characters, Milton and Yvonne Hamilton, are still at it and perhaps they were in too deep. The story picks up after their release from jail for false charges that were brought against them. Now they are in more debt after their arrest and needing money to pay back a loan. Upstanding neighbors Odell and Joyce Watson continue to live their carefree life. I can’t remember how I felt about Odell in the previous books but I definitely don’t like his character in this book. The way he continues to lie to his wife and her family is very foul.

Milton and Yvonne are always together in their ideas and plans. That’s one reason why they are my favorite characters because in their marriage they are a team and have each others back. I think they took advantage of an opportunity by blackmailing Odell and even though it was wrong I don’t think they deserved what they got for being greedy. I was hoping they would wise up and stop with the money scams. It seemed like the more money they could get the more they wasted. I appreciate that they did try to help Joyce but their plan took a different turn. I didn’t care for Joyce’s character because she thought she was better than others, but I guess she couldn’t help it since its part of her upbringing. She was gullible and naive to the wool Odell had over her eyes. I felt sorry for her and understood her defense in speaking so harshly to Milton and especially Yvonne since Yvonne is pretty and had children something that Joyce lacked. Even though I didn’t care for Joyce I wanted her to question Odell, at least see through his lies or something to show she had some ‘girl power’.

The story ends up closing all loose ends and the ending was a surprise that I didn’t see coming. I enjoyed the characters, the story and I hope the author has more enjoyable series like this.

This is a series that I highly recommend to those that enjoy southern drama.

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