Absolution by Jambrea Jo Jones


Absolution by Jambrea Jo Jones
Seeds of Dawn Book 6
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Holiday, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (98 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Is the world ready for shifters?

Kitty Kelley is running from her past dragging along her younger twin sisters. With a bit of luck she ends up at the Masters pack. Just as she starts to get comfortable—her past catches up.

Everett Cord wants what his cousin has found. A mate. He used to be the go to guy for his cousin, but now that he has a mate, Everett is a bit lost. When Kitty’s past shows up, he is there to protect her.

Shifters are about to be exposed to the world and it’s going to take Kitty’s past and Everett standing strong with her to make sure the outcome doesn’t have them locked in cages.

The shifters are going public. Now that the danger is over from the ancient evil, life should get back to normal at the Masters’ pack. With a few new folks staying there, life looks like it will be fine. After seeing all the mated people, new arrival Kitty Kelley wonders if she might find her mate, too. But her first priority is to her teenaged twin sisters, and their safety. When their old pack Alpha continues to harass her, trying to force her back to become his chosen mate, she discovers the Everett is her destined mate, and he swears to keep Kitty and her sisters safe from the Alpha. Before they can get their happy ever after, danger threatens, and Everett must do everything in his power to protect what is his. Can Kitty and Everett have the happy ending she has longed for? Will the public riot when the shifters reveal themselves, or will Russ Masters be the strength needed to smooth the way? Have the prophecies of the Ancients finally all been revealed?

Absolution is the sixth and final book in Jambrea Jo Jones’ Seeds of Dawn series, and a very satisfactory final chapter it is. Like the rest of the series, the world her is a wondrous mix of reality and fantasy, the perfect blend of traditions and imagination in a world filled with impossible beings. The characters are as well crafted here as they were in the beginning, and the strength of each and every individual is there for all to see.

Kitty Kelley is strong and determined to protect her teen sisters. She is afraid that their old Alpha will come after them, and she has just learned that she has a mate in the Masters’ pack. I love her sassy mouth and her courage, ready to make a new start far from all she is familiar with. I love that, when Everett said he was her mate, she didn’t play coy or deny him, but was ready to take the next step. I liked that she worried about others more than herself, and that, when danger came to call, she faced it and didn’t hide.

Everett has wanted his mate ever since everyone around him started meeting theirs. He is smart, strong and loyal to friends and family, taking care of those around him. When he discovers that Kitty is his mate, he offers her time, and his protection even if she doesn’t accept him. I loved watching as he realizes that she wants him too. I love Everett for his strength, his patience and his sensitivity to Kitty and her worries for her sisters.

There are several completely unexpected and ironic twists to this final installment. One has to do with the new head of the Tyler pack, and the other with Kitty’s Uncle Kurt. Both of these twists made me laugh at the total irony of what was happening. The many different threads of the series are brought together for one final look at the adventures and difficulties that have brought the pack to this place and time. All of the characters from the previous books make an appearance here, and the progress for everyone is well done. The final dialog from the Ancients is the perfect finish to this one, and I highly recommend the whole Seeds of Dawn series for anyone who like their romance with some humor, some danger, and lots of heat.

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