A Shoe Addict’s Christmas by Beth Harbison

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas by Beth Harbison
Publisher: St Martin’s Press
Length: Full Length (158 pgs)
Genre: Holiday, Paranormal, Contemporary
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Noelle is not a fan of the holidays and to make matters worse, she is at a crossroads in her life when it seems that love and adventure are no longer possible. When she stays late at her job in a department store on a snowy Christmas Eve she accidentally gets locked in after closing. She isn’t too concerned about the prospect of spending the night in the store…until a woman appears out of nowhere and tells Noelle that she’s her guardian angel. Soon Noelle finds herself camped out in the shoe department facing several “ghosts” of Christmases past, present, and future…Will visiting the holidays of yesterday and tomorrow help Noelle see the true spirit of Christmas? And will the love she has longed for all her life be the best surprise gift of all?

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I chose this book to read because it was on a list supplied by my local book club. I’m glad I picked it. The writing is clean and crisp. I was sucked right into the story.

Noelle is clearly a good person, but she’s been through some rough times—her mother passed and she’s not wild about Christmas because of it. I get that. The holidays can be tough and a gray time of year. The author did a great job showing that swing in emotions.

One thing that drove me a tiny bit nuts was Noelle’s tendency to be ditzy. Like she was going through the motions. Now, I get it. She’s absorbed in her life and she’s caught up with trying to survive since the passing of her mother. But there were times I wasn’t sure how old she was—she seemed young at times, then older and unobservant other times.

That said, this was a cute book. It’s short, so it’s a good afternoon read. I read this for escapism and it was perfect. There is holiday spirit, a twinge of romance, learning, growing and shoes!! Can’t beat that!

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