A Scarlet Past by Evanne Lorraine

A Scarlet Past by Evanne Lorraine
Publisher:Loose Id
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Sidelined by an injury, Fergus Wickham needs a new identity to re-enlist and get back to killing Nazis. When he arrives early for his meeting with the local Alpha, he finds a knockout doll facing off a rogue attack. As he helps her body count climb, his respect and arousal grows. When the battle ends, he finally meets the local Alpha, Vivian O’Connor, his mate.

As World War heats up, so does the secret battle on the home front. For the two touch-starved warriors, mating is more than pleasure–it’s a matter of survival. Only mating will prevent Fergus from becoming one of the raving rogues threatening the packs and keep Vivian alive to fight another night. But are both Alpha leaders determined to win, when their only chance for victory is surrendering to desire?

I am a big fan of this series and was excited to see this book come out and just had to read it. I loved meeting Vivian and Fergus and seeing how it all began. This is the story of the beginning of the present day Treeland pack that readers of this series know. Life brings Fergus and Vivian together and emotions take over. Fergus comes to New York for what he thinks is a quick stop in his travels but finds more than he bargained for and his stop may not be as quick as Fergus thinks it will be.

Emotions run high in this book and the attraction between Fergus and Vivian is there right from the start. I found myself falling for Fergus right along with Vivian. He is a strong alpha male who loves with all of his heart and is more than willing to do what it takes to care for his mate. He may seem old fashioned in some ways but Fergus will surprise you if you put him in a box. Vivian finds that her trust is not misplaced with Fergus. She may be a strong alpha herself but she needs someone to stand by her as well and Fergus may just be that man. Seeing the two work through their feelings and what they mean was a beautiful read. Both must find what they truly want and if they are willing to risk their hearts to get it. Their story is not only a hot read but it is also a wonderful romance making this fast paced read a book that should not be missed.

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