A McClendon Thanksgiving by Sean D. Young

A McClendon Thanksgiving by Sean D. Young
The McClendon Holiday Series
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (256 pgs)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

For a perfect fit, sometimes you have to make a few alterations.

The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 1

Faith McClendon put her promising fashion career on hold to support her investment banker husband’s climb to financial success—only to be dumped for another woman.

The thirty-year-old fashion designer has come home to Chicago to start over, this time on her own terms. Amid the lingering sting of betrayal, there’s one bright spot. A renewed friendship with childhood buddy Michael Montgomery.

For years, Michael pretended to be Faith’s husband to fend off unwanted attention, gave her a shoulder to cry on, and cheered the loudest when she left home for fashion school. Through it all, he never stopped loving her.

Time hasn’t dimmed the spark between them, but when another man hits on her, Michael realizes it’s time to stop hiding his true feelings. This thirty-one-year-old professional photographer is ready to pose for his own family portrait—with Faith as his wife.

Warning: Contains a photographer who’s through being pictured in a brother-ish light, and a fashionista who’s not sure her heart is quite mended enough to risk further alterations.

Michael Montgomery has always loved Faith McClendon. And at the age of 13 he proposed his love to her and foretold that she would be his forever and ever. Faith didn’t believe him. Life happened and Faith ended up marrying Kevin Harrington. Faith has returned home recently divorced and Michael finds that his feelings for Faith still remain.

The book started out slow and for a romance novel and was wordy with an overboard of details that made the story too long and drawn out. Later it felt like a build up as I enjoyed Michael loving Faith from a distance. His antics on trying to show her how he felt were adorable. I didn’t like once Faith recognized Michael’s feelings how quickly they acted on impulse. Faith didn’t see Michael as a love interest but when his feelings were revealed they went from zero to one hundred. Yes they knew each other years ago as children and young adults but people change. To me I would have liked to see them get reacquainted not just jump straight into bed.

I enjoyed the family bond and closeness. The family had fun, they are loving and had family traditions. I like the idea of the best dish contest that the family held each year during the Thanksgiving holiday. The women were entrepreneurs and held a strong stance. These factors made the book an enjoyable and inspiring read. The author seemed to write with her readers in mind. Faith had her issues with her prior marriage but eventually was able to let that baggage go leading to her opening her heart to love again. Many readers probably face this dilemma and will find it refreshing to read that there isn’t much opportunity of finding love again unless you open your heart and take a chance. And being the book is a holiday series the author shared recipes that are sure to complete any holiday family gala.

The writing style was easy to follow and the plot was pretty simple but the extra with Kevin gave the story a little twist that I didn’t expect.

Overall this was a pleasant read and one that I would recommend for those that enjoy a strong family bond.

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