A Little Harmless Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder


A Little Harmless Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (262 pages)
Other: BDSM, F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Lisianthus

What starts out as simple fantasy among friends, becomes an overwhelming need that none of them can deny.

Maura Dillon has always been someone who lived life on her own terms. From the time she in college she knew she had different needs than most of her friends. But she never thought she would find herself torn between two very sexy men, or that they would want to add her to their relationship.

Zeke and Rory have known each other for years. Their casual relationship has spanned a decade, but now that they are living together things are on a whole other level. Add in their mutual attraction for Maura and things are just getting out of hand.

Rory understands their desires and suggests a week in Hawaii. No rules, no limits, no regrets. But as their nights are filled with unimaginable erotic pleasure, there is someone lurking in the shadows. Someone who wants revenge, and will stop at nothing to succeed.

I’m the first to admit that I absolutely love the Harmless Series by Melissa Schroeder, and the newest addition, A Little Harmless Fantasy, does not disappoint. From the first word I was drawn in, there was just something about Rory, Zeke and Maura that just worked. I love bisexual men, much like Maura does, and these two Irishmen are drool worthy.

This is a MMF ménage, which means the men play with one another alone and with Maura and every scene was explosively hot. The three of them are believable as a trio, Zeke loves them both and Rory and Maura love Zeke and watching Rory and Maura fall in love was very enjoyable. Most of Ms. Schroeder’s Harmless books catch up with past characters and this one is no different. The relationship between Maura and her brother is portrayed in such a way that I wanted a protective older brother who loves me that much. No Harmless book is complete without a trip to the Hawaiian BDSM club known as Rough N Ready, and while there was no play at the club, it was great to catch up on old characters. The BDSM aspects of this book just add to the spicy sex scenes.

There were times when I wanted to smack the characters and yell at them to talk to each other, but I see that as a plus to the story, since I cared enough to want to help them. The characters are strong, the story is well fleshed out and the descriptions make me want to book a trip to Hawaii immediately to visit all the places that are described.

This is the eighth installment of the Harmlessseries, the first ménage in the series, and while I did enjoy catching up on the other characters, I would say that this book could be read as a stand alone. I do thoroughly recommend this whole series. Bisexual men and BDSM made this book a must read, so don’t hesitate to try this book.

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