Under Cover of the Night

Under Cover of the Night by Megan Hussey
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal (Vampire)
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Yarrow

Women flock to Club Nuit, a high-class strip club and bordello for women, looking for a rousing good time. Yet Carlotta Wilkes, a long-neglected wife, finds something more: Ramon Montague, a gorgeous and sensual lover ready to romance and seduce her. Losing her battle with temptation, Carlotta succumbs to the mysterious seducer who will stop at nothing to fulfill her deepest desires. The exotically handsome Ramon loves his work at Club Nuit, a club he co-founded with two other sexy hunks that thrive on women’s sexual energies. When Ramon falls for Carlotta, his favorite customer, he fights to keep a secret that could threaten their love. It seems this gentleman of the evening is also a lord of the night.

Pay a visit to Club Nuit, where hot incubus vampires fulfill the deepest, darkest fantasies of everyday women. Ramon, Xavier and Rainyn rule the night with their otherworldly seductions; and in time, each ‘gentleman of the evening’ finds a special lady who earns his eternal love. The gentlemen of the evening are coming for you.

From the taste of Ramon’s kisses to the touch of his hands on Carlotta’s body, author Megan Hussey paints such a vivid picture of her setting and characters that it’s like walking into a lucid dream.

Under Cover of the Night is a short story that engages all of my senses. I only have to close my eyes to conjure up the tall dark Ramon, but once I have his image locked in my mind it’s hard to not think about him all day. If I listen keenly, I think I can hear the sounds of women being satisfied at Club Nuit and the seductive whisper of Ramon’s voice. I swear I can smell the plants and flowers in the garden that surrounds the Florida women’s club.

Carlotta and Ramon are a perfect fit. When an author successfully establishes this chemistry between her characters it’s like being taken on a carefree ride with an experienced driver: you sit back and let the journey unfold. With Ramon and Carlotta the journey moves from a platonic friendship with a strong undercurrent of lust to a public consummation that is so hot perspiration will bead on your skin.

Disappointment for me: there’s no such Victorian-style club in my neighborhood that is staffed by vampires devoted to teasing, pleasing, seducing and entertaining women. This First Book of Nuit is Ramon’s story, but I can hardly wait for the Second and Third Book featuring, Ramon’s fellow vampires, the golden haired, Xavier and the green-eyed, red headed, Rainyn. Well done, Megan Hussey!


  1. Sounds fantastic!

  2. This storyline is nothing like I’ve read before to do with Vampires. It sounds very interesting.

  3. Great Review! Sounds like a must read!

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