The Last Stallion by Christine DePetrillo

The Last Stallion by Christine DePetrillo
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (75 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Wisteria

Large animal veterinarian, Cassie Stone, is done with cowboys. It’s her New Year’s resolution after she catches her current rodeo clown in bed with another woman. On her sister’s invite, Cassie heads to New York City where the chance of corralling another cowboy is slim. Or so she thinks.

Blake Mareson is traveling from Louisiana with his four horses. He stops briefly in New York City to make some money, and soon his plans to hide in the quiet woods of Vermont change when he meets Cassie. Her long red hair and sharp green eyes reel him in immediately, but he’s not looking for love. In fact, he’s trying to avoid it in order to protect his secret—a secret he’s sure would send any woman running.

Though Cassie initially sticks to her New Year’s resolution and dismisses Blake, she can’t totally erase the blue of his eyes from her memory. When she sees him again, the pull toward him is too strong to resist. Will Cassie regret ignoring her no cowboy pledge or find the stallion she’s been looking for?

Perhaps she’ll find so much more.

Cassie Stone is tired of cowboys. All the ones she has ever been involved with have burned her and left a bad taste in her mouth. Some time away is just what she needs. A trip to visit her sister in New York sounds like the perfect plan. Far away from Texas and anything that could resemble a cowboy. Her first night in the city she goes out with her sister to a club and what does she find? The only cowboy in New York City. Talk about luck.

Blake Mareson hates modeling, but he needs the money. He and his horses are doing a shoot when he meets Cassie. Something about her calls out to him. He convinces her to give him a chance even though he is a cowboy. These two hit it off and find love in the most unexpected place. The Big Apple

Okay, I have to say that this story was not what I expected, though it was a truly enjoyable read with a paranormal twist. It certainly wasn’t your typical shifter story that’s for sure. A good read for anyone who loves short stories, cowboys and horses. The author definitely used her imagination to really deliver a unique story that will leave you feeling fulfilled after you finish.

The editing was clean and the plot good. It had a good twist I didn’t see coming. Congrats Ms DePetrillo, I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

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