Sleeper 2: A Woman Scorned by Nia K. Foxx

Sleeper 2: A Woman Scorned by Nia K. Foxx
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial
Length: Short (62 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

A woman scorned. That description didn’t explain half of what Dr. Alexis “Lexi” Douglas felt. She knew she wasn’t alone. In her practice she’d talked with enough women to see the psychological damage caused by men and quite frankly she was tired of preaching about empowerment and ready to demonstrate a little of it, witch style.

Seven hundred and eighty years of slumber was not nearly long enough for Cor Sielas. His last assignment prevented the expansion of the Mongul Empire, so he’s irritated to learn that the Forces of Nature have awakened him to handle one vindictive little witch. He takes some solace in the knowledge that his subject is female. For the first time he’s interested in mixing business with a little pleasure.

Sleeper 2: A Woman Scorned is a very good book. It was easy to identify with Alexis as I know I’ve had a bad man or two in my life at some time. I also loved the mind of Cor. It was great how he manipulated Alexis.

Dr. Alexis Douglas is a psychiatrist who teaches empowerment and tries to help woman who are abused by men. She was hurt when her weasel of a now ex-husband took advantage of her and she is very angry that he keeps trying to get more from her.

Cor Sielas has been asleep for the past seven hundred and eighty years. He is irritated to find out he was awoken to take care of one little witch. I found it cute that he changed his mind after taking a look at Alexis.

I could understand why Alexis was mad and wanted revenge. It is easy to see when not only were you hurt but everyone you come into contact with in your work has been hurt by bad men. Alexis has never used her witchcraft before for something like this but she goes into her grandmother’s book and looks for the perfect spell to cast to get her revenge. Unfortunately, Alexis does not think past the now to what may happen. I also would just react, not think if pushed as far as she was.

The initial meeting with Cor scene and how hot it gets had me reaching for something to cool myself down. And it just kept getting hotter from there.

Sleeper 2: A Woman Scorned is a sizzling sleeper of a story that should not be overlooked.

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