Review: The Masters 1: Rune

The Masters 1: Rune
by Kate Hill

Rune was the first Master of Ecstasy to complete Ivan’s course at the vampire haven Sunlight of the Soul and is among the most sought-after guides for the sexual gauntlet. While he has brought countless visitors unimaginable pleasure, he has never lost his heart to one, until he meets Doe.

Doe is tired of her fledgling ignorance and wants to prove to herself that she can endure the sexual gauntlet. Neither she nor Master Rune has any intention of falling in love, but the fates have other ideas for these two vampires – one of the old world and one from the new.

If you’re looking for a sensual adventure, then this is a good one for you. Kate Hill takes us on a journey through a woman’s sexual awakening, and a Master’s emotional one. This was a wonderful read that leaves you with a smile on your face.

Doe is a fledgling vampire who has been raised in a rather sheltered environment. She hasn’t had much in her life to get excited about… well, aside from being a vampire! But even that has fallen short of her expectations. I mean, come on… you’re supposed to become sexy and beautiful and all sorts of exotic when you become a vampire! Right? Alas, things haven’t turned out the way Doe anticipated, and she’s more than ready for something to shake her up. When she goes to her mother, the vampire who raised her and turned her, and tells her of her plans to experiment with her sexuality, her mother directs her to Sunlight of the Soul. Anxious to explore, Doe readily agrees to her wishes. How hard could the sexual gauntlet be? I actually liked this character, although I had my doubts at first. I was afraid she would seem to be flighty or just too innocent to be believable, but Ms. Hill made her so very believable and open to new experiences without making her into a wide-eyed squirming innocent.

Rune knows the moment he sees Doe’s application video that he wants to be her guide through the sexual gauntlet. Something about her calls to him, he’s not sure what it is, but he’s lived long enough that anything that draws that much of his interest is definitely worth investigating. Besides, none of the other Masters could possibly be as gentle as him with this untried fledgling! Rune was an interesting hero. His insight into the workings of Doe’s mind and her desires was so well-written. I found that I liked Rune, despite the fact that he basically had sex for money. He saw his profession as a way to educate others about their sexuality and to explore what made them feel fulfilled. I loved how amazingly tender he was in moments where I was expecting him to behave a bit more harshly toward Doe. But, for someone so open-minded about so many things, he was incredibly close-minded about love and the instant connection he found with Doe.

I greatly enjoyed this book with it’s incredible sensuality. The moments where you expected heat, definitely delivered, but with a tenderness that was almost unexpected, but appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, the love scenes were hot, but they were tempered by the characters getting to know more about each other, so we didn’t feel like they had jumped into love, despite the briefness of their acquaintance. Kate Hill knows how to write a romance, with the perfect amount of heat and plenty of romance. I hope to find more of Ms. Hill’s writing and add it to my collection, and I would suggest that you do the same.


Reviewed by Viscaria

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