Review: Snowbound: Are We There, Yeti?

Snowbound: Are We There, Yeti?
By: Celia Kyle

Giving into his natural needs, Yosi travels with his wife to ice-covered mountains for some yeti-sized loving.

In my review, Yeti! Were?, I mentioned that the HEA was quirky but intact. Well, Are We There, Yeti? lets me take a quick peek at how things are going between Yosi, the hunky and furry yeti and Sela, his spunky werewolf mate.

This short story is a condensed view of all the best parts that made the first story so enjoyable for me; their chemistry, Sela’s humor, the volcanic passion and furious coupling, and those simple one word phrases that pack a seductive punch.

This story served to illustrate that Yosi’s and Sela’s HEA is alive and well by giving me a delightful winter romp filled with Yosi’s pursuit and Sela’s surrender. I’m thrilled they are still so much in love. Ms. Kyle had a great idea in letting me see how things are going. What fun!

Rating: Photobucket

Reviewed by Xeranth

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