Review: Mercenary Redemption

Mercenary Redemption
by Diane Merlin

While the rest of the crew is rushing to her aid, Dev is busy stirring up her own hornet’s nest on Iman. Nothing is as it seems and she’s determined to find the answers about her birth while instigating an uprising by the planet’s subjugated men. Anyone who thinks women are the gentler sex obviously hasn’t bmet Devona. And may the gods have mercy on anyone – man or woman – who comes between her and the ones she loves.

Hurt, confused, and down right pissed off, Devona takes of in the Freebird, determined to prove to herself she can go it alone. But her first stop reveals that the bounty on her head has been raised and she and her friends are in some serious trouble. Kevnor races to her rescue only to have her snatched out of his hands and delivered to his sworn enemies the Imani. Mik’s Mercenaries are back with another adventure, proving once again that they can out think, out fight and out maneuver any foe. On their daring rescue mission this hard-hitting, hard-loving bunch unravel a plot to overthrow two governments, saving the solar system from an escalating war.
Picking up where this story’s prequel, Mercenary Heart, leaves off, Mercenary Redemption doesn’t disappoint. When I came to the end of Diane Merlin’s previous installment of the story of Mik’s Mercenary’s I was anxious to find out how Dev and Kev would work things out. I completely fell in love with these two in the previous book, when things didn’t work so well for them previously it felt as if two of my friends were having problems. Don’t you just love an author that can pull you in like that? I sure do, and Diane Merlin is definitely one of those authors.

Devona is a capable woman, a fierce soldier, and a faithful wife very much in love with her husband. The problem arises when a past she isn’t even aware of comes back to drive a wedge between Dev and the man she loves. Tempers flare and Dev flees her husband and her friends. Emotionally wounded, Dev is functioning on instinct… get away, take care of herself. She has no idea she’s flying straight into a dangerous situation.

Kevnor is a skilled soldier, a brilliant man when it comes to finding information on anything and everything, but when it comes to women in general, and his wife in particular he’s not always in the know. When Dev tells him something he’s unprepared for, his volatile temper gets the best of him and he unwittingly pushes away the one woman he has loved most of his life. When Dev flees in their company ship, Kev finds he is in the race of his life to rescue his wife from certain disaster.

This book was action-packed and emotion-filled. It draws you in and takes you along for the wild ride in store. Diane Merlin has a real knack for storytelling, and an amazing ability to describe the love between a man and a woman and between family, whether that family was born or made. Her characters are so real that you feel like you’ve made new friends and need to keep in contact with them. I love how we get a glimpse of other romances in the works for the remaining team members, and can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for this motley band of mercenaries. Mercenary Redemption is a testament to how love, and a band of mercenaries, can conquer all, and I can’t help but recommend it.

Reviewed by Viscaria

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