Review: Leopard Tails 2: Submissive

Leopard Tails 2: Submissive
By: Isabella Jordan

Neva Kolenkov has lived in the shadows for years. Hiding from a dark and painful past, she just wants to exist beneath everyone’s notice.

Yet someone has noticed her. Isaak Stahl sees Neva in his coffee shop every day and is determined to claim her as his mate. They are from the same proud line of demon leopards, from the same homeland, and it only makes sense that they be together. It also doesn’t hurt that the exotic, green-eyed beauty makes him burn with lust every time he sees her.

When a serial killer claims the life of a young human girl who works in Isaak’s shop, the shadow of danger falls on their kind in Madden. Several of their females match the victims’ profiles — including Neva.

Can Isaak protect her from the threat the killer poses? While doing that, can he help Neva discover the powerful, desirable being he sees when he looks at her?

Leopard Tails 2: Submissive was a great, fast moving book. Neva is a quiet, withdrawn woman who prefers to stay under the radar. I felt sympathy for Neva because of her brutal past. I think she is an incredibly strong woman and am a little envious that she finds a patient, sympathetic man like Isaak to help her deal with her past. If there were only more Isaak’s in the world…sigh.

Members of the cursed leopard pard are living in a small community in Maine and basically stay to themselves. There are few humans who work or live in this small town. The murder of a human by a serial killer brings forth all kinds of issues. Will they be exposed as demon leopards? Will their women be safe from this new threat? I love that Isaak wants to protect Neva and her foster family.

It is fascinating to me how erotic and liberating the transformation of a human to a leopard must be – the sense of freedom a person must have to be a wild animal,governed only by your base instincts. Isaak pursues her with a predator’s focus yet remains gentle but firm as he catches his prey. Neva is scared but Isaak nudges her into coming out of her shell. I really like this line, “No, he’d seep into Neva like heat from the sun. He’d wrap around her mind and her body until her desire for him was as vital to her as the sunlight, necessary for her existence.” He was willing to wait–but was sure of what he wanted in the end, Neva.

This story is rich and full of interesting people. I would love to read more about the cursed demon leopards in this town!

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Reviewed by Ivy

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