Review: Double Dragon (Dragon’s Heir book 6)

Double Dragon
by Sierra Dafoe

Cal is everything Kevan wants – or at least everything he thinks he wants. But as the crown prince of the dragon kingdom, Kevan is expected to marry and carry on the royal line. When Kevan brings the handsome young human back to Djarera, Melgara, the queen, orders him to keep Cal a secret – after all, what sane dragon would be willing to share her husband’s affection with a human male?

In love with Kevan since she was nine years old, Melina Westron is determined to win the prince’s trust – especially when she discovers the secret he’s hiding is a man every bit as delicious as Kevan himself! Even better, she’s delighted to find that the way to a dragon’s heart… is through his lover.

WOW! I don’t know what else to say, but “WOW”! I simply couldn’t put this one down! It was a fabulous read, and Ms. Dafoe’s imagery is so very vivid that I felt as if I stood in the incredible world she had created. What an amazing example of world building… one of the best that I’ve had the privilege to read.

We meet Melina in her most desperate hour. She is being forced to watch the love of her life choose another as his wife. Or so she thinks. On the eve of Kevan’s twenty-first birthday, he is to choose a bride to take her place at his side as heir to the kingdom. Melina is positive that he won’t pick her when there are so many much more stunning women to choose from. Aching in her heart she waits for him to pick someone else. Only it doesn’t happen… the prince has skipped out on his own celebration. Melina strikes me as a bit… lovesick and desperate. But who can blame her really, she’s been in love with Kevan ever since she was nine years old and he comforted her at her father’s graveside. When she makes the decision to corner him in his chambers she has no idea that decision will change her life forever.

Kevan has been confused all his life until he meets Cal. Cal is the love of his life, there’s only one problem… well two problems… one: Cal is human, and two: Cal is a man! Those things don’t matter to Kevan, he is determined to have his love by his side despite his mother’s wishes. He’s very much in love with Cal and defiant of how his mother wishes him to handle the situation. It was the eternal dichotomy of duty versus love. I felt his anguish as he came to the realization that he cannot bring his world to the brink of war by denying his position as heir to the throne. Little did he realize that the one who seems to have thrown his world into turmoil will be the one to find the solution.

Cal was such a fun character! I adored him and so hoped he could find the happiness he seemed to deserve. Cal is canny, smart and incredibly passionate about whomever he loves. I fell in love with him immediately. He tends to think outside the box and quickly found a solution to his and Kevan’s problems. I can’t really tell you the solution, as it give the story away, but let me just say that it doesn’t disappoint! Both Cal and Kevan are intense and passionate, their emotions jump from the page and pull you into their story, until you are completely invested in their HEA!

I loved this book! But, a word of warning… don’t be like me and start with this one first and then realize you missed out on something! Start at the beginning, this series is so worth it! Don’t worry, I begged and pleaded and got my hands on the first five books in this series. That’s right, FIVE books before this one! I’m so excited to read the beginning of this series and I’ll be bringing you those reviews as well! In the meantime, Sierra Dafoe is a voice to be reckoned with and I definitely recommend that you snatch up any of her books that you can! This one is a solid 5 cherries!


Review by Viscaria

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