Hotter Than Hell by Raine Weaver

Hotter Than Hell by Raine Weaver
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (209 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewer: Holly

Want a taste of Heaven? Go to Hell.

Legend has it that the Incubi were originally fallen angels, irresistible creatures who sacrificed their place in Paradise for the touch of mortal lovers. They live among us still, in the shadowy, dream-haunted fringes of modern society, indulging their insatiable lust and feeding on our desire—with our blessings.

The Rose Legacy
A valuable inheritance is passed from one female member of a wealthy family to another, as it has been for centuries. But Camille Price, the beneficiary, doesn’t know it’s a generational curse that includes sacrificing her body and soul to an Incubus who fulfills her every erotic dream—and nightmare.

Failed cleric Adam Bachmann knows a demon when he sees one. He just can’t seem to resist succubus Leyla Cheval, even though her insatiable sexual appetite is draining him of life. To save himself and others, he must sacrifice the only heaven he’s ever known and destroy the dark angel he’s come to love.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, second-story sex, cul-de-sac sex, shapeshifter sex, and things that really go bump in the night and make you beg for more sex.

The most seductive beings of legend are the Incubi and Succubae: beings whose very existence symbolizes lust and power. Hotter Than Hell contains two stories showcasing the undeniable attraction and devastation these beings wield on mortals.

In The Rose Legacy, Camille Price is just the latest victim of the family curse. Down on her luck, in need of a home and haven, she seeks her legacy at Rose Cottage. She is the next in line to inherit Rose Cottage, with all the surrounding property and even the resident gardener, Mace. Moreover, Camille has demons of her own to slay. Her aunt is the current resident, but wants to leave the cottage and seek her freedom from the curse by convincing Camille to stay. But one thing becomes clear to Camille; there is something so very wrong at the cottage and in the town nearby.

In Ravenous, Adam Bachman has problems. His employer sends him to a therapist to get help to stop smoking. But this is no regular therapist. Leyla Cheval is a succubus, and she uses her guise as a therapist to get the sexual energy she needs to survive.

Raine Weaver has written two fantastic tales of seduction and passion. The characters are complex and multifaceted, and yet there is strength in them as well.

Camille goes to Rose Cottage unaware of the pervasive atmosphere, and soon recognizes something is not quite right. Mace draws her to him like no man ever has, but she fights her demons every day. When Adam recognizes what Leyla is, he bargains with her to keep her from ensnaring other men in her web, offering himself to the point of exhaustion.

These were dark romances, but the romance is there. The endings are not the traditional happy ever after, but there is resolution and a happy for now that is appropriate to each story.

If you want something different, something hot and challenging, then Hotter Than Hell is the perfect book to read. I truly enjoyed this for its differences and its unique perspective. Not for those who need happy ever after in the traditional sense, but a very good read.


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Holly.
    Glad you enjoyed the stories! 🙂

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