Hot River: Second Chance Charity

Hot River: Second Chance Charity by Kate Hill
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal
Genre: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Hibiscus

Charity, Queen of the fierce Hot River Werewolf pack, has reason to hate men. Enslaved by one as a child, turned by another as a woman, she’s got issues. But being a werewolf isn’t one of them. She’s been making the most of her cursed existence, until a run in with the man who turned her makes her question the path she’s chosen.

Deep in the Wicked Wild, she meets Shane. Half Elf, half Wildman, Shane makes her question everything she thinks she knows about men — and sex. The attraction between them is electric. In spite of his origins Shane had a tender side that’s hard to resist, even for the Werewolf Queen. Can he convince Charity to take a second chance at love?

This is the third book in the Hot River Series by Ms. Hill and revolves around the Werewolf Queen, Charity. Charity was abused by the master wizard Egan as a child and was cursed by Hugo to become a werewolf. The entire pack she rules was changed by Hugo who is now repentant and he is mated to Charity’s wolf daughter, Sadie who won a challenge against Charity to save Hugo’s life.

I liked the character of Charity. I think she felt unworthy to rule the pack when she lost the challenge and so left to find peace within herself. Wandering in the Wicked Wild, Charity is saved from Wildmen by Shane who she comes to care for. Charity shows her reluctance to leave Shane at both the cave and the wizard’s abode and jumps at the chance to visit his homes. I loved how Charity breaks free of the past in the wizards house. It was a very symbolic scene.

Shane is half Wildman and half Elf. I have never read about such an unlikely hero. Shane does not fit my idea of tall dark and handsome–he’s more like tall, dark, and hairy. By being half elf, his body is smooth but he has long wild hair and a beard. I discovered that Shane is very gentle with Charity, and I admired him as he teaches her about foreplay and refuses to cause her pain of any kind. He again shows his compassion in a scene with the dragon. I believe he truly cares about Charity and I loved when he took her to meet his mother.

I enjoyed this short tale of gentle love and freeing oneself of the past. Hot River is a place I find myself longing to return to again and again and hope you do too.

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