Dragon’s Devotion by Willa Okati

Dragon’s Devotion by Willa Okati
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Sci Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (43 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Cactus

Like other former soldiers before him, Kenth has led those eager to escape the cities out to uncharted lands to find new lives. Though happy in his new life, he misses seeing the beautiful dragons flying through the clouds. When an accident with a hunting snare captures a dragon the color of flame, and when that dragon takes on the shape of a man, Kenth falls head over heels in love.

Baen’s never met a human, and as a wary, watchful dragon who’s always kept himself to himself, he’s not inclined to like the exuberant frontiersmen and women. Still, he cannot deny his instant connection with Kenth.

Kenth’s devotion tempts Baen to stay with this group of pioneers and to create a new life of his own. It’s a hard choice for a loner who’s never known love before, and the decision will change his life forever…

In this post apocalyptic future, humans have waged war amongst each other enough to destroy their cities leaving looting, starvation, and fear as the lone survivors. Kenth emerges as a leader and healer of a ragtag group of men and women who leave the cities with the hope of a peaceful life outside of the fighting and constant struggle. As their leader, Kenth struggles with his deep loyalty to the group to ensure they are fed and happy and his loneliness of being apart in the midst of a group. He keeps his thoughts to himself, even more so his fascination with the beautiful dragons that once filled the city’s skies as most humans fear what they don’t know.

Both Kenth and his dragon Baen are loners who haven’t really known or expected the love of another in their lifetime. Baen goes against the obvious archetype and instead has a feisty, demanding spirit that matches Kenth’s take charge, dominant personality. Together the two have an immediate connection with quirky and steamy encounters.

The author’s easy writing with quickly developed characters allowed for this short story to shine and delight. Descriptive phrasing combined with an engaging imagination give life to fairytale-like creatures in a setting that is anything but magical. Contrary to the expected characterization of dragons, these dragon-men are young, pretty, shy and often give themselves to their human mates to be taken care of rather than displaying a dominant and magical personality.

While this is the fourth book in the futuristic setting with soldiers and dragons, each one is able to be read and enjoyed on it’s own. The author has a wonderful talent for creating stories and characters that delight in a short amount of time.

This story gave warmth and emotion from the first scene to the last, leaving a lovely happy ever after between two strong and sexy men. I definitely recommend this quick and satisfying read.

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