Dance Wars 4: Last Night Stand by Sophia Titheniel

Dance Wars 4: Last Night Stand by Sophia Titheniel
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal
Length: Short (77 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by: Cactus

It’s been a year since Lachlan first set foot in the Chlodwig — and set his eyes on Adair. What started as a down and dirty one-night stand has grown into something more, but what they have can’t last forever — not when their lives are so diametrically opposed. Knowing Adair won’t listen to any reasoning of his, and he’s not ready to take that step that will take him away from his life as scavenger and dance warrior, Lachlan decides it’s time to take action.

It’s a win all, lose all bet when Lachlan walks in the Chlodwig with a crew of his own, challenging Adair in a dance fight that will either cost him his lover, or win him forever…

Returning to the uncertain urban fantasy setting, Adair and Lachlan can’t keep their hands off each other as their two worlds collide. In the fourth and last installment of the Dance Wars Series, Lachlan and Adair are struggling with the necessary absences between their meetings and increasing pressure from Adair’s scavengers. As the fourth in the series, be sure to read the other books in order so as to follow along with the progression of their relationship. If you’ve enjoyed the previous books then likely you’ll want to finish with Last Night Stand.

This is total fantasy and very aptly named as guilty pleasure reading. The writing is more basic than some of the previous books with a lot of problems from editing to overuse of commas and horrible pronoun confusion as well as convoluted scenes where men seem to have three or four hands and move like pretzels. The prose is simplistic without any eloquence to the grammar, reading like a disjointed conversation rather than a well-written story. While this trend is in all the books, it’s most obvious in this latest one. The actual plot is cheesy and silly with the dance sequences poorly explained and ill conceived, focusing more on tricks the author can convey than actual dance style. So, this is not a prize-winning piece of fabulous fiction. Having said that, I loved this series. I don’t read it for the poor writing or spelling mistakes (prostate not prostrate please), but for the erotic fantasy the author provides. The heat of the sex scenes, which are many and varied, fill the story with a gritty erotica that will definitely get your blood flowing.

This series is mostly about the sex between Adair and Lachlan and this edition is no different. Yet the author uses the basic formula that has worked for her (and well) in including hot, gritty, dirty, and scorching sex scenes between two vivacious personalities to titillate and entice without worrying about creating an intricate and well thought out plot. The characters of Adair and Lachlan are slowly progressing as they fight to be together but their relationship is entirely based on sex and while they love each other, it’s a very masculine love where aggression and sex go hand in hand. The testosterone flows freely in these books and you’ll love it.

Another aspect that works is the setting, which is post-apocalyptic urban fantasy with just enough detail to give it life without getting too far into the world building. I sometimes wish the author would deliver a series more about the world itself and less about the corny Dance Wars as the former is a strength and the later, while attempting to be unique, often falls flat and empty. But as this is the final installment of the series the entire story arc over the four books is interesting and the erotica is clearly the focus and less so on the Dance Wars.

Bottom line is that this may not be the best book you’ll ever read, partly because it’s littered with so many editing and writing mistakes that even a reader who ignore such problems will be able to see the mistakes. However, if you enjoy erotic urban fantasy with emphasis on erotic fantasy, you’ll love this series. The mistakes will run old and the author will eventually fatigue readers but in the meantime, enjoy the ride with some of the hottest characters I’ve read and some of the most titillating erotica scenes. You won’t be disappointed in this guilty pleasure read, just know what you’re getting into and save this for some late night fantasy.

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