Comanche Heat by Robin Gideon

Comanche Heat by Robin Gideon
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Western
Length: Short (116 pages)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Northern Comanche war chief, Broken Blade won’t rest until justice is served against the bloodthirsty renegades who brutally murdered a woman of his tribe. But Blade never counted on finding a blonde beauty, bound and naked, in his enemy’s tepee.

Kidnapped from a train by a ruthless Indian outlaw, Samantha Murchison finds herself scared and alone until she is rescued by a bronzed warrior who appears every bit as dangerous as the man holding her hostage. But what frightens Samantha most is her passionate response to his raw sexual nature.

Comanche Heat is not your usual Western, Cowboys and Indians romance. It’s unique in its characters and their mind set.

Broken Blade is a Comanche war chief who is half white. He envisions a future for his people that include co-existing with the white settlers. Since he had gone to school, he has worked to enrich his tribe in lands and money. Unfortunately, there is a renegade tribe of outcasts who are led by Blue Elk. Blue Elk causes trouble not only for the white settlers but also other tribes.

Enter Samantha Murchinson, a schoolmarm who is captured by Blue Elk. Samantha is an open-minded woman who has nothing against the Indians nor the very handsome war chief who rescues her from her kidnapper.

Though not badly written, some parts of the story were difficult to believe. Samantha’s behavior seemed more indigenous to the twentieth century. And, English is spoken by not only Broken Blade but by many in his tribe. This is explained away by the presence of Broken Blade’s mother and other white women along with his wanting to have his tribe acclimated to the white world, but it still seemed well outside the norm.

When I decided to overlook the few things I mentioned, I began to wonder “What if…”. What if it could have been this simple, this easy for whites and Indians to co-exist? It wasn’t of course, but this is fiction and made for a decent, and very sexy, story.

All in all, I found Comanche Heat to be a very hot story that was an enjoyable way to while away the afternoon.


  1. Still looking for this book in ebook format.

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