Bound By Melody

Bound By Melody by Hunter Raines
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Xeranth

Having just been evicted for what his landlord calls “immoral and unnatural carnal acts,” Gilrain is forced to move into the first elf-friendly building he finds — even if that means renting a basement apartment that has more in common with a cellar than a penthouse.

Still, a change of scenery is just what Gil needs. He’s still not sure whether what he experienced the previous night was a dream or a real encounter. What he does know is that he woke with bruises, love bites, kiss-swollen lips… and an eviction notice on his door.

But when the first night in his new apartment brings strands of a spectral song drifting from beneath the ground straight into his bedroom, Gil realizes he’ll find no rest here. He recognizes an elf binding when he feels one, but he won’t be taken against his will.

So what will Gil do when he learns he’s the only one who can grant a wounded elf a second chance… or condemn him to everlasting damnation?

Bound by Melody certainly hooked me with the blurb about two elves. I’d never read anything quite like this story and took a chance on reading it.

The idea of Gil being from a race of predator elves was cool. What made his character sympathetic was his drive and determination not to succumb to his nature. Nature is hard to beat when it’s throbbing and seducing you from outside influences. Talk about tortured. And, the reason Gil got evicted hit my funny bone. I giggled at the visual imagery.

Arion is a different kind of elf who has been cursed and not only is he another tortured hero, he WAS tortured. Arion is a more complex character where I alternated between not liking him and then rooting for him. By the time the story ended, Arion had a place in my affections.

The secondary character, Cordelia, is not too detailed but she’s given enough flesh to make her involvement and feelings believable so her actions fit when they affected the plot.

This short story is more about internal conflict, reconciliation, forgotten dreams and hopes, and the surprising way love can touch the most wary of lovers. The dialogue flowed well and the concept was entertaining. Some of the erotic scenes are manly and aggressive and since Gil is what he his…I think anything less would have been unbelievable. Now, I am wondering if there is more on the horizon for Gil and Arion.

If you are looking for an M/M story with a different flavor, then Bound by Melody has much to offer. It will also make for a hot summer read.

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