Agency of Extraordinary Mates: Finding Magic by Kate Douglas

Agency of Extraordinary Mates: Finding Magic by Kate Douglas
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Interracial
Length: Short (96 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/M
Rating: 5 cherries
Review by: Amaranth

At 6’ 6”, ebony skinned bodyguard Lester Ondáge radiates enough pure, unadulterated sex to drive a sane man crazy. The effect on a love-starved gay Elf is practically lethal. Lester and Tady could be the perfect match — if they can bring their employers together.

There’s a small glitch… Lorcan and Amanda.

Lorcan, Crown Prince of the Northern Realm, has a problem. He doesn’t want a wife, but if he doesn’t find one on his own, his mother’s going to choose one for him — the last thing any self-respecting Dragon wants. He might be willing to change his mind, now that he’s found his “Chosen One” — but the last thing Amanda, a successful but unhappy Hollywood star, wants is a man — or a Dragon — with attitude. Lester and Tady have their work cut out for them, but on the magical island of Chimera, miracles can — and do — happen!

Finding Magic is a perfect title for this magical story of love. Amanda is an over-worked actress, in need of a break. When she receives an invitation to Chimera, an invitation only island paradise, her friend and bodyguard, Les, insists that she go. Amanda agrees, only if he goes with her. Les is the perfect husband, except for the fact that he is gay, but she still wants him by her side. These two obviously love one another very much and I enjoyed feeling their love and commitment to one another.

Lorcan is an elf prince of a dragon clan, and his mother is driving him crazy. She has decided that it is time for him to find his mate and will not stop parading women around, trying to force him to choose one as his wife. Lorcan loves women and loves sex and has decided that he was not made for commitment; he was made to love all women. Finally, he decides to get away to Chimera and insists that Tady, his manservant, come along for a well deserved vacation. Tady is gay and loves his boss and friend very much, so he cannot deny him this trip. Lorcan and Tady share the same kind of love and bond that Les and Amanda do, making these two couples near mirrors of the other.

Kate Douglas skillfully writes a fast moving fantasy–one so passionate I had a hard time keeping up at times. The character development was quite good, especially when compared to the length of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these four characters and getting swept away in their magical island fantasy, and I’ll bet you will, too!

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