Dr. Carter and Mrs. Sinn by Rosetta Bloom

Dr. Carter and Mrs. Sinn by Rosetta Bloom
Publisher: InBloom Romance Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica
Length: Short Story (28 pgs)
Other: M/F, Fetish, Medical Fetish
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Trysts are always short, sexy and scintillating. Sometimes they’re sweet and sometimes they’re downright sinful.

Mrs. Sinn has been having heart palpitations and is in need of advice, so she seeks out the muscular, handsome Dr. Carter. The very forward Mrs. Sinn implores the good doctor to figure out the cause of her problems.
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Initially nervous that he might be crossing the line, the doctor eventually warms up to Mrs. Sinn and takes an unorthodox approach in diagnosing his patient.

This story sizzles as doctor and patient heat up the exam table.

A short story that packs a hot punch.

This story is hot. Let me start right there. It’s hot and I had to know what was happening next. It’s kind of addicting. I mean, she goes to the doctor for a palpitation and what happens next…whoa. Singe the screen city.

Let me say, there is a lot of telling, instead of showing. It took me out of the story at times because I felt like I was watching it, rather than reading or experiencing the plot through the eyes of the characters. I have to admit it’s unconventional and a little off the beaten path for my reading tastes, but it’s a sexy little read. I liked the ending and can see why this book all but singed my kindle.

If you’re looking for something hot, dirty and fun, then this might be the short story you’re looking for. Grab it today.