Forever My Cowboy by June Faver – Spotlight and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes June Faver who is celebrating the upcoming release of her newest book Forever My Cowboy, the second book in the Garrett Family Saga. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the page for a chance to win book one in the saga The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever.

The Garrett family have been ranchers for generations—they love the land, and the joy of family and children.

Cade Garrett’s orderly life is upended when his sister and her husband are killed in a plane crash. He’s ready to step in and take care of their two young children, but he’s thrown for a loop when the children’s aunt is named their guardian and plans to take the children with her to Dallas.

Unexpected sparks fly when he meets Jennifer LaChance. Can Cade and Jenn band together for the good of the children—or that create all kinds of opportunities for friction?

Enjoy an Excerpt

Tyler Garrett climbed out of his big double dually truck and rounded the cab to open the door for his lovely wife. He took the containers out of her hands and helped her slip down to the ground.

“Is he expecting us?” she asked.

Ty shook his head. “You know Cade doesn’t stand on ceremony. Cade is all about family.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Poor man,” she said. “I haven’t really accepted the fact that Sara is gone. I can’t imagine how he feels.”

Ty gestured toward the house. “Sara was a little brat when we were young, always tagging along…but she was sweet. Turned out to be really smart in school. When she and Jason LaChance got married, it was what everyone expected. She fell in love with the flyboy as soon as she set eyes on him.” He shook his head. “Great couple. I guess I never thought anything could happen to them. I haven’t really kept up with them lately, but they always looked so happy together when I saw them in church.”

Leah made a scoffing noise. “You’ve been so wrapped up in your music, it’s a wonder you keep up with anything.”

He leaned against the doorbell. “I just try to keep up with you.”

The door opened and Cade Garrett stood inside, appearing to be exhausted. He had always been a big, good-looking man, but sorrow was etched deeply on his face. Without speaking, he stepped back and gestured them inside.

“It’s just me and Leah,” Ty said, ushering her inside.

She took in Cade’s appearance, obviously sympathetic. “Um, we brought you a little something.”

“Hey, Leah. That’s very kind.” He shook his head. “I’m just overwhelmed at the moment.”

“We’re all just devastated about Sara and Jason.” Ty reached out to Cade, wrapping his arms around him and holding him for a long moment. He felt a tremor ripple through Cade’s body.
Cade drew back, his eyes lowered and lips pressed together. “Thanks, Ty. Let’s go back to the kitchen.” He led the way but turned and put his finger to his mouth. “The kids are here.”

Ty and Leah followed Cade as quietly as possible. Ty set the container on top of the counter and Leah placed a paper bag next to it.

The kitchen occupied one end of a sizable combination family room and casual dining area. A large television was mounted above the fireplace mantel, and a big yellow SpongeBob image cavorted across the screen. On Cade’s sofa, a tiny, diapered girl slept on her stomach, drooling. Fortunately, there was a small blanket under her.

Leah smiled. “Aw, Lissy’s so pretty.”

Leo had wedged himself under the coffee table, lying on his side with his knees folded up. He gazed at them with large blue eyes…as sad as Cade’s own.

“That’s where Leo has holed up,” Cade said. “He’s pretty confused right now.” He shrugged his wide shoulders. “I guess I am too.”

Ty felt his cousin’s aching grief. “Dad wanted us to tell you, he’s got your back. Anything you need.” He spread his hands. “He figured you didn’t need the entire Garrett clan to cluster around you right now, but we’re all here for you.”

“Thanks, Ty. Did you draw the short straw?” A wry smile lifted one corner of his mouth.

Ty grinned in return. “No, asshole. I got to come because you and I were in the same grade all the way through school. We’re more than cousins, bro.”

“I know, bud. Just giving you a hard time. What did you do with your kids, Ty?”

Ty removed his Stetson and tossed it on a side table. “Leah’s grandmother is taking care of the kids. Gracie is helping.” He had to smile when he thought about how much Gracie loved her brand-new baby brother. “She loves playing big sister.”

Cade nodded, seemingly wrapped in emotion. “I hope I can be good enough to raise Sara’s kids without screwing them up. That’s my biggest fear.”

Ty gave him a slap on the shoulder. “Oh, get over yourself. I’ve never known you to lack confidence about anything. In school you did okay, and you were a leader in sports.”

Cade raked his fingers through his thick, dark hair. “I know, but this is different. More important.”

“You can always lean on your family if you need a break. I know Leah and I can keep the kids for you.”

Leah nodded, adding her support.

Cade took a wide stance and hooked his thumbs through his belt loops. “Thanks, man. That means a lot…but I think, right now, I need to keep them as close as possible. They need to know I’m doing what Sara would want me to do. I’m going to raise her children as she would want them to be brought up.”

Ty realized Cade was just speaking through his grief. “You and the children are going to need all the family you can get. The Garrett clan is a formidable force around here.” He turned to see his beautiful wife doing what Leah would always be doing: leading with her heart.

Leah was sitting on the floor, her back against the sofa. Leo had crawled out from under the coffee table and was plastered against her like a baby monkey clinging to his mom.

Ty swallowed hard, while Cade stared at her, openmouthed. “It’s okay. She has that effect on kids… Heck! She has that effect on everyone.”


Excerpted from Forever My Cowboy by June Faver. © 2021 by June Faver. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.

About the Author: JUNE FAVER loves Texas, from the Gulf coast to the panhandle, from the Mexican border to the Piney Woods. Her novels embrace the heart and soul of the state and the larger-than-life Texans who romp across her pages. A former teacher and healthcare professional, she lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country.


Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Bookshop, BAM, Walmart, or your favorite venue.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Casablanca Christmas Spotlight Tour and Giveaway: June Faver

Long and Short Reviews welcomes June Faver, part of the Casablanca Christmas Spotlight. Enter the Rafflecopter for a chance win the 2020 Christmas book bundle.

I am so happy to share one of my favorite cookie recipes. I wrote a cookbook for my family to preserve several generations of our favorite family recipes. I usually make the cookies at night and wake up to this great fragrance throughout the house. You mix them up, pop in the oven, turn off the oven and leave them until morning. Enjoy.
~June Faver

Forgotten Cookies
3 egg whites
3/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 cups white sugar
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Cover 2 cookie sheets with aluminum foil.
Beat egg whites until very frothy. Add cream of tartar and salt. Beat until very stiff.
Add sugar slowly by teaspoonfuls. Beat until glossy.
Fold in vanilla and chocolate chips. (chopped nuts, if desired)
Drop by spoonfuls onto foil covered baking sheets. Place in the oven and TURN OFF HEAT. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO PEEK.
Next day-peel away foil and place in an airtight container.

When handsome town sheriff Derrick Shelton meets Angelique Guillory and her young daughter at the Garrett ranch, he is immediately drawn to the woman who seems to desperately need a true family Christmas. Determined to erase the shadows from her eyes, he decides to give her the best holiday she’s ever had.

Angelique Guillory is a woman with a past, haunted by violence and searching for the family she never knew. When she and her little daughter find their way to the Garrett family and meet Derrick, she hopes to have finally found a safe haven.

But Angelique is still looking over her shoulder. Despite her doubts, with a little Christmas magic and the warmth of the Garretts, Angelique may find more love and acceptance than she ever thought possible.

About the Author: June Faver loves Texas, from the Gulf coast to the panhandle, from the Mexican border to the Piney Woods. Her novels embrace the heart and soul of the state and the larger-than-life Texans who romp across her pages. A former teacher and healthcare professional, she lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country.


Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Bookshop, BAM, or Walmart.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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2019 Casa Christmas Blog Tour – Guest Blog and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Casa authors who are letting us know their thoughts about Christmas. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a winter reading survival kit.

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? To celebrate, we asked the authors of our 2019 Christmas titles to answer some fun, wintry and Christmas themed questions!

Fall in love this Christmas and be sure to read:

  • Longing for a Cowboy Christmas by Leigh Greenwood, Rosanne Bittner, Linda Broday, Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, and Amy Sandas
  • Wish Upon a Cowboy by Jennie Marts
  • Cowboy Christmas Kiss by Kim Redford
  • Cowboy Christmas Homecoming by June Faver
  • A Dash of Christmas by Samantha Chase
  • Puppy Christmas by Lucy Gilmore
  • Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays by Terry Spear


Keep reading to get in the Christmas spirit and check out the books over at Romance Reads!




What’s the best part about writing a Christmas book?

Rosanne Bittner:        The best part about writing a Christmas story is that it takes me into that “miracle” mood that seems to be a part of the Christmas holiday. I always try to include some kind of little miracle in my stories. In last year’s anthology, Christmas In A Cowboy’s Arms, my story miracle was the healed awakening of an unconscious little girl. This year, in Longing for A Cowboy Christmas, my miracle surrounds the birth of a baby boy the mother wasn’t sure she could love.

Anna Schmidt:             For me the holidays are a magical time of sharing and giving and FORgiving. To be able to tell stories that convey those things is a gift in itself.

Jennie Marts:              Capturing all the magic of the Christmas season and giving it to both your characters and your readers as you create touches of that magic in the story.

June Faver:                   The absolutely best part of writing a Christmas book in Texas is that I’m wearing shorts, tank top and flip-flops while writing about slogging through the snow. It helps with the endless summer heat when my brain is hauling hay to cattle in the snow blanketed fields.

Kim Redford:               Magic! A larger-than-life theme that touches many lives always arises when I’m writing a Christmas book. In Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss, Fernando, the stolen bull, escapes and heads for home where an eight-year-old girl awaits him, hoping he’ll get there in time for Christmas. In A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas, troubleshooter Misty Reynolds arrives in time to help Trey Duval stop a brushfire, investigate a Christmas tree farm fire, and be dubbed his “Christmas Angel.”

Lucy Gilmore:              One of the best (and sneakiest) things for an author to do is put their own family traditions into the book. We all have our unique ways of celebrating and enjoying the holidays, many of which are passed down from generation to generation. By writing a Christmas book, I can share some of those traditions with the world, and you don’t even know I’m doing it!

Margaret Brownley: I always seem to be writing a Christmas book during the searing heat of summer. To get in the right mood, I try to imagine a reader curled up in front of a blazing fire, hot chocolate in hand and smiling as she reads my story. The image usually puts me in the Christmas spirit.  On the few occasions it fails to work, I stick my feet in a bucket of ice water.

Samantha Chase:       There is something about writing a Christmas book that just gives me joy from the first word to the last. I think it’s because everyone always seems happier during the holidays and that gets to be portrayed in the book. The plot doesn’t have to be quite so angsty – everything is lighter and sweeter and always ends with a Merry Christmas!

Terry Spear:                 I always end up having to write them during the hot Texas summers, so when I write a Christmas book, I look for Christmas recipes, make up pictures of wolves and snow, and cool myself down.


What is something you can’t live without during the holiday season?

Amy Sandas:                Cozy socks. I’m not much for slippers, but my feet are always cold so I love to warm them up with thick, super-soft socks.

Anna Schmidt:             Traditions from my childhood—my family was very into giving to others especially those who might not be blessed with family at that time of year so I love finding ways to shop and wrap and give to others.

Jennie Marts:              We have a tradition of our family going to the Candlelight Service at church on Christmas Eve then coming back to my house for homemade lasagna and my Christmas Butter Bundt cake. I wouldn’t want to miss any of this special night.

Lucy Gilmore:              My heated ice scraper for the car. Seriously. It snows a ton where I live, and we don’t have a garage, so having a quick, easy, and warm way to get the ice off the windows is like holiday magic.

Margaret Brownley: I couldn’t live without knowing the true meaning of Christmas and what we are celebrating. This keeps me from becoming overwhelmed by the commercial part and focused on the things that truly count.

Samantha Chase:       My decorations. We have a TON of Disney decorations we’ve collected over the years and I always look forward to taking them out and putting them all over the house.

Rosanne Bittner:        Something I can’t live without in the Christmas season is, of course, having my 3 grandsons over on Christmas Eve. They love my apple pie!

Terry Spear:                 Decorating for the holidays–a Christmas tree. I feel I’m in my own Christmas story, my home is now a holiday scene. It’s warm and the Christmas lights make it cheery and special mementos handed down from our family or that I’ve picked up in special places or from friends and family are brought out and cherished all over again.


What’s your favorite holiday or winter tradition?

Jennie Marts:              My two sons and I have a fun tradition of inviting the grandma’s over to our house on December 23rd to make all the Christmas cookies. We used to have the great grandmothers participate and those were great memories, and even though my sons are grown, we still do this tradition.

Linda Broday:               The candlelight service on Christmas Eve puts joy and thankfulness in my heart and I look forward to it each year. There’s something very moving about sitting in a church lit only by candles, singing Christmas hymns. The service brings such a sense of peace.

Lucy Gilmore:              I hate, hate, hate being cold, so winter can be a tough time for me. I’d stay inside all day, every day if I could. However, I also have two very large, very active Akitas who adore everything about the snow, so that’s not really a choice. One of my favorite traditions is taking the two of them to a nearby hiking spot as soon as we get fresh snow (which, to be fair, is most days). The cold matters a lot less the moment I see them prancing around and throwing the snow to each other. They’d probably love it if we moved to the Arctic year-round. (Sorry, dogs. That will never happen.)

Margaret Brownley: A favorite family tradition began by accident. When the children were small, I habitually bought Christmas presents throughout the year and hid them. The problem was, some presents were invariably forgotten until after Christmas.  One gloomy January, while organizing my closet, I found a set of cars I’d intended Santa to leave under the tree.  Not knowing how else to handle it, I entered the room where the boys were playing and announced, “Look what Santa left on the roof.”  This was a big hit and every year after that, Santa always left something on the roof.  The funny thing is that no one ever thought to ask what Mommy had been doing on the roof.

Terry Spear:                 Seeing the Nutcracker or some other play like that over the holidays.


What’s your favorite holiday memory?

Anna Schmidt:             Wrapping presents with my Dad—he always had us shop for him and then gathered us kids one night to wrap everything on his list for my Mom (usually 10-12 gifts). He wrote these wonderful cards to attach to each gift and there always was one small gift (usually jewelry) he hid in the tree.

Linda Broday:               What parent hasn’t worked hard on Christmas Eve putting toys together? I remember one Christmas when my husband and I tried for most of the night to assemble a bicycle for my oldest. We hunted and hunted for one important part and finally found it in the trunk of the car where it had fallen out of the box. Exhausted, we fell into bed and I still remember the warmth of his arms around me. We fell asleep whispering to each other. He passed away a few short years after that. But I can’t look at a bicycle without remembering that night.

Terry Spear:                 Having both kids and their spouses here for the holidays. That’s the best time ever.


What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Amy Sandas:                It’s gotta be a tie between Home Alone because it’s so nostalgic and fun for the whole family… or Die Hard (Yes, it is a Christmas movie!) which has become an annual tradition in our house.

Anna Schmidt:             The vintage version of A Christmas Carol w/ George C. Scott—he made the BEST Scrooge!!!

Jennie Marts:              The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. I love all three of them, and we watch at least one every year.

June Faver:                   I love, love, love Love, Actually. I can watch it over and over, and tear up every time. But, on the other hand, I also have to watch Die Hard. Is this why I write romantic suspense? Gotta have both.

Kim Redford:               It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) stars James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore. Frank Capra directed this film based on the short story, “The Greatest Gift” by Philip Van Doren Stern. Over the years, this magical tale of a man whose guardian angel shows him the true value of his life has become one of the most beloved holiday films. George Bailey (James Stewart) gave up his dreams to help his family and friends in his small home town and so always lived what he considered a small, unimportant life. When a financial disaster strikes, he turns suicidal until Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers) arrives as his guardian angel to reveal all the lives George has touched in positive ways and how different the town of Bedford Falls would have been if he had not been born.

Linda Broday:               This is a little old-fashioned, but I always have to watch The Homecoming at least once. It was the first Walton’s episode about Christmas on Walton’s Mountain during the Depression. No matter how many times I watch it, I always get a lump in my throat at how little they had, yet they were a happy family, taking joy in just being alive and together. This has suspense when the father can’t get home and they fear he’s been killed in a bus accident. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without watching this.

Lucy Gilmore:              My go-to holiday movie every year is While You Were Sleeping. Granted, it’s not the most Christmas-y of Christmas movies, but I love everything about it. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I picture Bill Pullman as a romantic lead, but he absolutely sells it in this movie. Plus, the dinner scene with the family is SO MUCH like my own that I start giggling just thinking about.

Rosanne Bittner:        My favorite Christmas movie would have to be the original “Scrooge,” A Christmas Carol. But I also absolutely love the original Miracle on 34th Street.

Samantha Chase:       Um…The Christmas Cottage (based on my book!) of course!

Terry Spear:                 A Christmas Story. I loved how he wrote his Christmas wish list at school and he didn’t get the “A” he expected for such a brilliant piece of work. “You’ll shoot your eye out” comes to mind whenever I think of what he wanted for Christmas.


What’s your favorite holiday/winter song?

Anna Schmidt:             “The Christmas Song” or “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”

Jennie Marts:              “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Oh Holy Night” are probably my favorite Christmas carols. I love belting them out in church or when they come on the radio. When my second son was born, he had colic and I used to sing to him in the middle of the night, and I would often sing “O Come All Ye Faithful” because it was one of the few songs I knew all the words to.

June Faver:                   I have two favorite Christmas songs for totally different reasons. When I was in college I was a member of the Acapella Choir <alto> and one song we sang was so gorgeous with all the voices chiming in can still make me tear up: “Do You Hear What I Hear”

The other song is “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. I think of all the people who are separated from loved ones at the holidays. That was why it was so important for me to write Cowboy Christmas Homecoming, to chronicle the return of a soldier to his home town and how he adjusts and settles in after the horrors of his deployment. It’s also a sequel in the Garrett family saga, so there are old friends to celebrate with him. And finally, it’s about an amazing heroine, based on a female firefighter friend of mine, who in effect, rescues the big strong and emotionally isolated hero. Love it.

Kim Redford:               “Pretty Paper” recorded by Roy Orbison and written by Willie Nelson. In downtown Fort Worth, Texas, a handicapped (pre artificial limbs) street peddler always had a smile on his face and a kind word on his lips when he sold pencils from a tin cup affixed to his back. At Christmas, he peddled paper and ribbons, calling out “pretty paper, pretty ribbons” to everyone who happened by. Willie Nelson lived in Fort Worth at the time and wrote this heartfelt song that is a lasting tribute.

Lucy Gilmore:              I love this question because my answer is always, always “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron.” I also hate this question because I can’t explain why I love it so much. I mean, it’s catchy and fun, but it’s also about a cartoon dog who takes down an enemy WWI pilot on Christmas Eve. What? I’ve decided there must be some deep childhood association with it that I can’t recall, but that leaves me with a happy feeling all the same.

Margaret Brownley: It’s not Christmas for me without seeing at least one production of The Nutcracker Suite. I love the music so much I wrote a story called The Nutcracker Bride.  I also wrote a story titled after another Christmas favorite: “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

One story I’ll never write isGrandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” This isn’t my favorite by any means, but it always makes me laugh. That’s because the first time I heard it, I had four grandchildren in the car, ages five to nine.  All at once they started singing it. It was the first time I’d heard the song and I honestly thought they’d made it up. I was shocked and that only added to the backseat giggles.

Samantha Chase:       “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey

Rosanne Bittner:        My favorite Christmas song is “White Christmas.”

Terry Spear:                 “Carol of the Bells” It’s like listening to angels’ music. It always makes me feel good.


What’s the best bookish holiday gift that’s not a book?

Kim Redford:               Throw a Holiday Book Exchange Party! You provide the comfy location in your home with tasty treats, delicious drinks, and cute little gifts like bookmarks. Your friends bring books they’ve read, loved, and want to exchange. What could be better for the holidays than reading books, talking books, and sharing books?

Linda Broday:               I love buying those collections of tea for all my author friends. Also, a variety of popcorn works nicely as well as warm booties or throws.

Lucy Gilmore:              My family excels at giving me bookish gifts that aren’t books, mostly because they know that books are my life and they can’t possibly keep track of everything I’ve read. My favorites are the alcohol-themed ones. I’ve gotten Writer’s Tears whiskey, Harlequin Romance wine, the Tequila Mockingbird cocktail book, and various literary wine stoppers. Books + booze = a win!

Samantha Chase:       Oh, there are so many, but something that I’ve seen that I love, are Christmas ornaments that are made from pages of a favorite book or even miniatures of a beloved book cover!

Terry Spear:                 A friend sent me a waterproof writing pad I could use when I have those miraculous scene ideas in the shower. lol


Do you have a go-to stocking stuffer?

Amy Sandas:                I always put gift cards to Barnes & Noble in my kids’ stockings. Then we go to the store together to pick out new books.

Rosanne Bittner:        This isn’t my favorite stocking-stuffer, but rather, it’s my GRANDSONS’ favorite stocking stuffer – MONEY! They are all in their teens, so no more toys and candy canes! They want that green stuff so they can buy gasoline. All 3 of them are now driving!

Terry Spear:                 Candy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fireplace, the only thing I regretted about not having in the house I bought. I worried that Santa would be able to come when I don’t have one. I love decorating a mantle. It’s part of Christmas. Plus, they’re great if your electricity goes out in winter. But the advantage is that I can stuff all kinds of chocolate treats in stockings. No heat to melt them!


If you could travel anywhere this winter, where would you go?

Anna Schmidt:             Denmark…mostly because my next book is set there.

Jennie Marts:              My dream trip would be to go somewhere warm to a gorgeous beach and stay in one of those luxury bungalows out over the water and spend the days swimming, snorkeling, and reading.

June Faver:                   I’ve spent a lot of time at the Texas coast, so I am quite familiar with the term “Snow Birds.” These are people who live up north and become “Winter Texans.” Anyplace from Corpus Christi to South Padre Island, where there is a beautiful beach and gentle waves. I also love Mexican coastal areas. My freckles need sunshine and I need waves frizzling out over my bare feet as I walk along, looking for sand dollars.

Rosanne Bittner:        Hubby and I have been going to Nevada every winter for about 20 years now. We stay 2-3 months. We always stayed in our condo in Vegas, but we’ve sold that and this year we will go to Laughlin, NV, which is right on the beautiful Colorado River across from Arizona. My vacations are ALWAYS somewhere in America’s Great West. It’s what I love and almost the only thing I write about!

Terry Spear:                 Scotland. I love Scotland. I’ve traveled there in September and October, but I wouldn’t mind going there any time of the year. But I’d love to just stay there for a month and soak up the Scottish beauty and write.


What’s your go-to treat to take to the pot-luck holiday party?

Amy Sandas:                Sugared pecans! Such a simple snack but so, so yummy…especially when warm from the oven. We’re lucky if we make it to the party with half a batch left.

Anna Schmidt:             I make a dynamite chili, but if something less ‘entrée’ is called for, then how about a chocolate cheesecake???

Jennie Marts:              I like to take a crock-pot full of meatballs. The recipe is so easy: Mix an 18 oz jar of grape jelly with an 18 oz jar of BBQ sauce in the bottom of your crock pot (Sweet Baby Rays is my favorite). Then dump in a big bag of frozen meatballs and stir it up. Let cook on high for 2 or 3 hours and enjoy! So good and so easy!

Kim Redford:               Cowboy Cookies! Now these fun cookies are real, downhome Texas with a twist—that’s Texas whiskey. Quick and easy, too. Grab a Texas Tea Cake recipe (sugar cookie), throw all the ingredients into a bowl, mix well, add whiskey to taste, spoon the batter onto a cookie sheet, and bake just right. They’re sure to be a hit at any holiday party. If you want my personal recipe for Cowboy Cookies, it’s in my new release Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss.

Margaret Brownley: I don’t know that you can call this a treat, but I always volunteer to bring the paper goods. Hey, someone has to do it, right?

Rosanne Bittner:        My “go-to” treat for holiday parties is my special home-made apple pie that I make from real peeled apples.

June Faver:                   There are usually plenty of desserts, so I take my broccoli casserole. Not the usual broccoli casserole where rice is the main ingredient. Blah! This is a recipe my kids loved and demanded growing up. Now they make it for people they love. Sharing recipe because we’re such close friends. Easy to double.

Broccoli Casserole

1 large bunch (4 cups) cooked, fresh broccoli spears, cut into 1 inch pieces
3 stalks celery, chopped
1 2-oz. jar sliced pimentos
1 4-oz. can sliced mushrooms
1 can cream of mushroom soup
8 ounce carton sour cream
8 ounces Cheddar cheese, grated

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, mix mushroom soup and sour cream well. Add broccoli, celery and pimentos. Mix well. Turn into a 1-1/2 quart casserole, sprayed with cooking spray. Sprinkle with cheese and dot with butter. Bake for 25-30 minutes until heated through and cheese is bubbly. Serves 4.

What’s your go-to drink in the winter?

Amy Sandas:                I love egg nog with a bit of rum or homemade Irish cream, but I also made a batch of hot-buttered rum one year. Sooo rich!

Anna Schmidt:             Winter/spring/summer/fall = COFFEE

June Faver:                   I seem to always be watching my weight, but I cannot resist getting a carton of egg nog in the winter. It’s so rich and flavorful. I know it loves me as much as I love it. It’s like a hug in a cup.

Linda Broday:               Without a doubt, it’s hot apple cider. When I still at home, my dad would load us all up each October and we’d head for the mountains that was a day’s drive from where we lived. They’d be fruit stands set up all along the highway and we’d stop. Before the day was done, we’d have a carload of apples. My daddy would make the best apple cider and mom, her apple cake. The house would fill with the fragrance of apples and I’d lie in bed, taking deep breaths, feeling so loved. I did it with my kids and my heart returns to that treasured time when I smell apples.

Lucy Gilmore:              I have a weirdly specific answer to this: maple tea from the Metropolitan Tea Company. A friend brought a box back to me after a trip to Canada a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s warm and a little bit sweet and makes even the darkest winter days seem cozy.

Rosanne Bittner:        My “go-to” drink in winter is Eggnog. I have to be careful not to drink too much of it because it’s so fattening, as are most holiday treats!

Terry Spear:                 Peppermint mocha, though I have to admit Starbucks now has it year-round, yay! So I get to feel like it’s Christmas any time I want to get one during the year.


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Cowboy Christmas Homecoming by June Faver – Spotlight and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes June Faver who is celebrating today’s release of Cowboy Christmas Homecoming. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a copy of When To Call a Cowboy.

This cowboy’s finally coming home for Christmas

Zach Garrett is home from war, haunted by PTSD, trying to fit in to what has become an alien world. With the holidays fast approaching, his uncle Big Jim Garrett offers him a place on the family ranch. Zach isn’t sure he’s up for a noisy, boisterous Garrett Christmas…until he meets beautiful Stephanie Gale, and all his protests go up in flames.

Firefighter and EMT Stephanie Gale is ready for anything. She’s got her life under control…until she locks eyes with Zack and realizes her heart’s in a whole new kind of danger. But with a little help from Zack’s long-lost army dog, maybe he and Stephanie will be able to make this a Christmas of new beginnings after all.

Dark Horse Cowboys series:
Do or Die Cowboy (Book 1)
Hot Target Cowboy (Book 2)
When to Call a Cowboy (Book 3)
Cowboy Christmas Gold (Book 4)

Praise for Do or Die Cowboy:
“Guaranteed melt-your-heart romance.”—Romancing the Book
“Heartwarming…a very entertaining story with some surprises.”—Harlequin Junkie

Read an Excerpt

Stephanie Gayle looked at the check. “Oh, Big Jim. This is so generous. You’re going to make sure the children have a nice Christmas.”

Big Jim shrugged. “It’s the least I can do for those poor kids.” He looked around the room, his gaze falling on a little red-haired girl and a blonde girl, maybe a little older. “I think all children need to be loved.”

“I feel the same way.”

Big Jim’s face morphed from sentimental to grim. “How are those two kids you saved? The ones whose mother got killed.”

Stephanie tried to control the tremor in her voice. “They—they’re still at the children’s center. They don’t have any family members willing to take them in.”

“Well, that’s a damned shame.”

She nodded. “Rafe Neeley, the step-father…He’s been arraigned and bound over for trial.” The image of Rafe’s angry face as he screamed threats made her shudder.

“Good,” Big Jim pronounced. “I hope that sumbitch gets what’s coming to him. I can’t imagine a man hurting a woman or a child…much less murdering the woman you’re married to.”

Stephanie’s throat tightened. “Hope they put him away for a hundred years. The children…they witnessed their mother being murdered. They—they were so traumatized.”

Big Jim let out a snort and reached in the back pocket of his Wranglers. He produced a worn leather billfold, and pulled out a couple of hundred dollar bills. “Here ya’ go. Buy them two angels a little something special…and let me know what happens to them. I hope they wind up with some good family.”

She swallowed hard. “Thanks, Big Jim. I’ll find something special for them.” The words ‘some good family’ were stuck in her craw.

“Come have a cup of coffee, Stephanie.” Big Jim motioned her into the kitchen.

Stephanie took a seat at the counter while Big Jim filled two cups with coffee. He set one in front of her and leaned on the other side of the counter.

This was where Colt’s voice could be heard from the front of the house. “Hello! Where is everyone? I brought my brother from another mother.”

“Back here,” Big Jim called.

Misty and Mark led the way, both grinning. “We got him,” Mark announced.

Colton came next, followed by a tall, muscular man wearing camouflage gear. This guy appeared to be on edge, like he’d just been plucked from a battle ground. His gaze took in the entire interior and everyone in the large kitchen. When he locked eyes with Stephanie, she felt a jolt like an electric shock. He was a Garrett.

It was the Garrett eyes. Those amazing, smokey turquoise eyes, ringed with black lashes. They held her in thrall for a moment before releasing her.

Big Jim let out a yelp. “Zachery Garrett! Come here, boy!” Big Jim held out a hand, and when the newcomer reached for it, Big Jim dragged him closer and clasped him in a man hug. “Dang! It’s been a long time…and look how you’ve grown.”

“Yes, sir. It’s been forever.”

Big Jim pounded him on the back, and then pulled back to look at him. “I’m glad you’re here, son. We all are. Just in time for Christmas.”

“Glad to be here, sir.” His gaze flicked back to Stephanie.

“Where are my manners?” Big Jim asked. “This fine young man is my nephew, Zach Garrett. He’s just been discharged from the US Army.”

Stephanie smiled. Nephew, huh? Garrett through and through.

Big Jim gestured toward her. “And this lovely young lady is Stephanie Gayle. Believe it or not, she’s a firefighter.”
Stephanie gave a one-sided grin and rolled her eyes. “Why do people always find it difficult to think of me as a firefighter?”

“Because we always think of firefighters as big burly men,” Misty said. “One has to see you in action to know what a bad ass you are.”

This caused a round of laughter, all except this Zach guy. He just continued to stare at her as though he was committing her to memory, molecule-by-molecule. It was unsettling, to say the least, but there was something else…something simmering just below the surface.

Stephanie swallowed hard, something that felt like a roll of razor wire at the back of her throat. She straightened her shoulders, refusing to be intimidated by his scrutiny. Who is this guy, anyway?

“Good to meet you, ma’am,” Zach said.

Ma’am? She nodded and offered a hand, which he wrapped with a large, baseball mitt size paw that was warm and very rough.

Colton slapped Zach on the shoulder. “C’mon, bro. Let’s get you settled in.” Colt shouldered the huge duffle bag and headed off toward the room he planned to settle Zach into.

Zach hit her with his laser beam eyes again, gave a little nod, before turning to follow his cousin. Misty and Mark trailed after them.

“He’s had a rough time,” Big Jim said. “My brother died while Zach was deployed so he never got to say goodbye to his father.”

“Oh, that’s so sad,” Stephanie said.

“He’s a good boy. He’s going to be just fine.”

Stephanie agreed. Fine. That pretty much summed up the hottest guy she had laid eyes on in a long time…and she worked with the hottest men in the county.

Excerpted from Cowboy Christmas Homecoming by June Faver. © 2019 by June Faver. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.

About the Author: June Faver loves Texas, from the Gulf coast to the panhandle, from the Mexican border to the Piney Woods. Her novels embrace the heart and soul of the state and the larger-than-life Texans who romp across her pages. A former teacher and healthcare professional, she lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country.


Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, IndieBound, or BAM.

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When to Call a Cowboy by June Faver – Spotlight and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes June Faver who is celebrating the upcoming release of the newest book in her Dark Horse Cowboys series, When to Call a Cowboy. Enter to win a copy of the second book in the series Hot Target Cowboy.

Rekindling old flames can be dangerous…

Beau Garrett may look rough around the edges, but under that exterior beats a heart of gold—a heart that was broken when his high school sweetheart disappeared days before graduation. Years have passed, but Beau’s never forgotten the fiery-haired girl who left him high and dry.

Dixie Moore has her reasons for being angry with Beau. When a family emergency calls Dixie back to her hometown, she brings with her an explosive secret that could divide them for good—if the culprit behind a recent crime spree doesn’t get her first. It’s up to Beau to unmask this dangerous criminal…and keep Dixie out of the crosshairs.

Dark Horse Cowboys series:

Do or Die Cowboy (Book 1)
Hot Target Cowboy (Book 2)
When to Call a Cowboy(Book 3)

Enjoy an Excerpt

Dixie had taken Scott to see the local doctor. Scott had sustained a broken nose and had also fractured two bones in his right hand when his fist impacted the pavement instead of Beau’s face.

Now, Scott looked almost comic, with his right hand in a cast and the entire arm immobilized in a sling to remind him not to use it. He also had rolled up gauze stuffed in his nasal cavities and both eyes were turning black with bruising. In all, he looked like a petulant walrus with his two gauze tusks.

“Whatever were you thinking?” Dixie glanced over at Scott as he slouched in the passenger seat of her burgundy SUV “I could have told you Beau would whip your ass.”

“You know why,” Scott said. Due to the gauze up his nose, he was mouth breathing, and his voice was raspy and nasal.
Dixie figured Scott recognized Beau from the high school photos she had of him in her apartment. Somehow, she just couldn’t put them away. And seeing him again was like stabbing her straight in the heart. He was even better looking as a man than he had been as a teen. His shoulders were broader and his tall, lanky teen form had filled in with a solid bank of muscle.

She swallowed hard. It was the eyes that got her. Those killer Garrett eyes. Beau’s hair was a little lighter than his two older brothers but they all had those incredible blue eyes. Almost turquoise, ringed with black lashes all around.

When Scott and Beau had been fighting, she knew Scott was the underdog. Although he had greater muscle mass and was much heavier, he didn’t stand a chance against Beau Garrett. And there was the fact that Scott had started the fight, so he had the element of surprise on his side. He would never think of himself as a loser…but in this match, he was far out-classed.

Beau Garret could always whip his weight in wild cats and had done so, on occasion, while defending Dixie’s honor.
She fought to control the smile threatening to break out as she recalled how valiant Beau had been. Always her hero. Well, almost always…

And now she had her friend Scott trying to defend her honor against her former hero. How sad is that? She glanced over at her sullen protector and reached out to give him a pat on the arm.

“You’re sweet, you know?”

“I’m a dumb-ass, apparently.” Scott placed his good hand on top of hers. “But, I love you, you know?”

“I know. Love you too, You’re my best friend in the whole, wide world.”

He nodded. “I don’t know what I would do without you, and Roger, of course.”

Dixie smiled at the mention of Scott’s lover and soon-to-be groom. “I’ll have to thank him for letting you come with me. I don’t think I could face this ordeal without you.”

“I’m always here for you. It’s terrible that your father was murdered.” He shook his head. “This little town doesn’t exactly look like a hot bed of crime.”

She pressed her lips together, strengthening her resolve to tie up loose ends as fast as possible and try not to get caught up in whatever happened to Vernon Moore. She couldn’t imagine her mild-mannered father getting involved in anything that would get him killed. But then again, maybe she didn’t know him at all anymore. She had been gone a long time. “Yeah,” she intoned. “I’m sure the sheriff will deal with it.”

He wagged his head from side to side, the tusks making a wide arc. “I don’t understand,” he said. “I can take anybody at the gym. I was on the boxing team in college. How come this punk cowboy can chew me up and spit me out?”

“Don’t feel bad,” she said. “He’s no punk. That cowboy works hard every day. He’s just one big muscle. And if memory serves, just the mention of a fight and all the Garretts would jump in.” Shaking her head, she let out a chortle. “It wasn’t the same kind of fight as in a gym with a referee. Those Garrett boys knew how to fight.”

Scott made a guttural noise in the back of his throat. “One of them still does.”

About the Author:I’m June Faver and I write Texas.

From the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle, from the Piney Woods to the BIG Cities…I’m all about this beautiful, diverse state of Texas.

Website | Facebook | Twitter
Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Indiebound, or BAM.

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Hot Target Cowboy by June Faver – Spotlight and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes June Faver who is celebrating the recent release of Hot Target Cowboy, the second book in her Dark Horse Cowboys series. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a copy of Do Or Die Cowboy.

His loyalty is to his family. But his heart belongs to her.

Eldest son Colt Garrett is the biggest, strongest and steadiest of the Garrett brothers. Colt accepts his responsibilities, knowing his future is tied to the land. Colt has stayed centered—but when he falls in love, he falls hard. He is mesmerized by Misty Dalton, the younger sister of one of his brother’s friends.

Misty Dalton has held together a family plagued with problems since her mother passed away. But when the threats to her family turn deadly, Misty turns to Colt. If anybody wants to hurt Misty, they’re going to have to go through the toughest of the Garrett boys first.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

It was at dinner that Misty announced her intentions of moving back to the Dalton ranch.

Colton could not have been more surprised if she had smacked him in the face.

There was a chorus of disappointment, but Misty seemed to have made up her mind.

Colton was angry. He tried not to show it, but he speared his food and shoveled it into his mouth in silence.

“Do you think it’s safe?” Leah asked, giving voice to his concerns.

Misty shrugged. “I don’t know why it wouldn’t be. Mark and I don’t know anything about the banker’s death or why he wound up there.”

Leah’s brow puckered in a frown. “But what about Joe? Whoever killed him is still out there. As I understand it, the sheriff doesn’t have a lead on the person who shot him.”

“Trust me, Joe’s death is on my mind all the time.” Misty’s lips trembled before she pressed them together in a firm line. “I—I don’t know anything about that, either. I mean…” Her voice dropped to a lower register. “Mark and I weren’t in the loop. Joe didn’t share his thoughts or his activities with us.”

Colton swallowed hard, his food going down like a load of concrete. “Yes, but whoever shot him might not know that. I don’t think you’ll be safe there.”

Her large, dark eyes appraised him, as though wondering at his motives … causing him to wonder what his own motives were. “Well, we can’t keep imposing on the Garrett family hospitality forever. We need to get back home and try to pick-up the pieces.”

Colton stabbed a piece of meat and poked it into his mouth, thus ending his commentary.

Later, he asked Misty to take a walk with him.

She hesitated, but took the hand he offered.

It wasn’t fully dark outside, but the sky was streaked with purples and crimson from the setting sun. Crickets chirped and the smell of damp earth and grass wafted on the light breeze.

Colton tucked her hand in the crook of his arm and laid his hand on top of hers. It always felt so small and soft when compared to his.

“What did you want to talk about?” she asked.

He sucked in a breath and blew it out in a huff. “I’m concerned about you and Mark moving back to your home so soon after all the violence. I wish you would give the sheriff a chance to find out who’s behind the murders of your brother and Mr. Hamilton.”

Misty hung her head, but stayed in step with him as they made a wide circle of the house and outbuildings. “I feel like such a moocher staying here. I appreciate you for taking us in when we were about to be thrown out. I appreciate you even more for all the sweet things you do without even thinking about it.”

He stopped, turning to face her, and lifted her chin. “Misty, honey—you’ve got to know how I feel about you.”

She gazed up at him solemnly. “No, I can honestly say, I don’t have a clue. I think you like me, but maybe you need to spell out your feelings for me.” The silence that followed was like a black vortex sucking him inside.

Colton’s chest tightened as though a steel band was constricting his lungs. He swallowed hard. “Well, I guess you could say I love you.”

She raised her brows. “Guess you could say? What the hell does that mean?”

He grinned. “Damn, you’re a tough woman. I love you. There! Are you satisfied?”

“Well, I don’t know. Why was that so hard to say?”

“Because I’ve never said those words to any other woman before. It’s you. You’re the one I love.” He stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers.

She broke into a wide grin of her own. “Now I’m satisfied.” She slipped both arms around his waist and delivered a fierce hug.

Colt wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against him. Now she knows. He pressed a kiss against the top of her head, rocking her slightly.

“Oh, Colt. I’ve been hoping you felt that way about me.”

He snorted, indelicately. “Well, if you didn’t know, you were the only one. I’ve been taking heat from Beau and Leah … and my dad.”

She gasped, raising her head. “Your dad?”

“Yeah, everyone knew but you.”

She ducked her head again, but she was grinning. He thought she was blushing, but the diminishing light hid her embarrassment. “So, now what?”

“So now I ask you again, as the man who loves you, please don’t move back to your house until the sheriff has caught whoever murdered your brother and Fred Hamilton.”

“Well, since you’re the man who loves me, I’ll take your concerns very seriously.” She blew out a breath. “Do you suppose we could go talk to the sheriff tomorrow and see if he has anything new to tell us?”

He kissed her forehead and then her nose. “Sure thing. As long as you give him a little time to solve the murders.”

She broke loose with an impudent smile. “Why Colton Garrett. I do believe you like having me around.”

“More than you know.” He gave her a little squeeze. “Now promise to let the sheriff get to the bottom of the violence before you go moving back to your ranch.”

“It depends on what he has to say.”

About the Author: June Faver loves Texas, from the Gulf coast to the panhandle, from the Mexican border to the Piney Woods. Her novels embrace the heart and soul of the state and the larger-than-life Texans who romp across her pages. A former teacher and healthcare professional, she lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country.

Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Indiebound.


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Do or Die Cowboy by June Faver – Spotlight and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes June Faver who is celebrating the upcoming release of Do or Die Cowboy, part of the Dark Horse Cowboys series. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Putting it all on the line for love…

Cowboy musician Tyler Garrett has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to put aside his rough-and-tumble rancher’s lifestyle and realize his dream. He’s on the road to Dallas to record a demo when that dream gets kicked sideways by a beautiful woman on the run.

Leah Benson will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe. But when her dangerous past catches up with her, she needs a hero—and luckily for her, Tyler Garrett was born and bred for the role.

Enjoy an Excerpt

They made a bed for Ty on the lumpy sofa. He’d insisted he could sleep in the truck, but gave in when Gran insisted.

“In the old days, the hands used to stay in the bunkhouse,” Gran said. “There are beds and a kitchen. It used to be real comfortable.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Ty said dutifully.

“But, it’s not clean out there. You just make yourself comfy right here.” She patted the sofa invitingly.

Leah cast a last glance at Ty and headed for Gran’s spare room, Gracie in tow. She found their nightclothes among the hurriedly packed bags and dressed Gracie for bed. Tucking her in, Leah gave her a kiss on the forehead. Eddie jumped on the foot of the bed and curled up too.

Gracie mumbled a hurried prayer, ending with, “an’ God bless Mommy, an’ Gran, an’ Ty. Amen.”

Leah’s breath caught in her throat. How could this big cowboy come to mean so much to them both in so few hours? How is Gracie going to feel when he’s gone? She swallowed hard. How am I going to feel?

She leaned down to brush a kiss on her daughter’s forehead, and pulled the covers up under her chin. “You go to sleep now.”
Dutifully, Gracie snuggled down beneath the quilt and closed her eyes, her angelic expression the picture of peace and contentment.

Gazing at her child’s sweet face, a knot formed in her chest. This is the best place for us. I haven’t been able to give Gracie much, up until now, but maybe that will change. She gave herself a mental head slap. It will change. Things will get better.

Leah thought about her options. Maybe she could get a job back in Langston. It was the closest town and where Gracie would be enrolled in school, come September. She wasn’t quite sure what she might be able to do, but she was used to hard work, so surely someone would give her a chance.

The house was quiet. Tiptoeing out of their room, Leah padded down the hall toward the kitchen in her bare feet. Silently, she took a glass out of the cupboard and filled it with water from the tap. Moonlight spilled in through the window, bathing her in a soft glow as she lifted the glass to her lips. When she’d finished, she set the empty glass in the sink.

Turning, she almost stumbled over Lucky. The dog had been so quiet she hadn’t heard him approach. Leaning down, she stroked his head. “Hey there, stealth doggy. You snuck up on me.” She spoke in hushed tones, barely above a whisper. The dog swished his tail from side to side.

“Do you need some water too? I put a big bowl right over here.” She checked the corner of the kitchen where she had left one of Gran’s mixing bowls earlier, but found it empty. “Oh, thirsty, doggy. Let me give you a refill.” She held the bowl under the tap and set it on the floor, tucked in the corner so no one would run into it. “There you go.”

The dog began to lap noisily. Leah knelt down beside him to run her hand over the silky fur. “Good boy” she whispered and rose from her crouch. When she turned, she ran smack into a brick wall. A warm muscled brick wall with arms. She stifled a scream as she pushed off the wall and was gathered into a rough embrace.

“Easy, Leah.”

“Oh, Ty! You scared me.” Swallowing hard, she braced her hands against his powerful bare chest. The sensation sent her heart into a flutter. Longing surged through her. Longing for what, she wasn’t quite certain, but longing nonetheless.

“Sorry,” he murmured, his voice deep and raspy. “I thought Lucky was getting into something.” He held her firmly against his warm torso.

She swallowed again. “N—No, I’m sorry I woke you.” Gazing up, she couldn’t read his expression in the darkness.

He expelled a breath, staring down at her moon-washed face. “You are just too pretty for my own good.”

A rage of desire swirled low in her belly. Her pulses pounded in her ears. With no direction, she rose on her tiptoes and lifted her chin.

He made a sort of growl back in his throat before his arms tightened around her and he lowered his head. His kiss was soft, tentative at first, and then deepened. Lifting her off her feet, he devoured her mouth with hungry kisses. Heat from his bare flesh infiltrated her thin gown, setting fire to her desire.

His hunger seemed to fuel hers, as the kiss continued to escalate.

Passion bloomed in her chest, sending a flush of pleasure throughout her being. When she came up for air, she had wrapped both arms around his neck. Gasping for air, she shivered. Everything was happening too fast. The room seemed to be spinning, or was it just her head? Heat emanating from his warm skin sent a spiral of lust to her core. She stroked her fingertips against the side of his face. The rough stubble of his beard rasped against her cheek, her neck, her shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. Holding her tight he gave her a squeeze before setting her on her feet. “I had no business doing that.”

Stunned, Leah stepped back, “No—I…I mean…”

Ty rubbed her cheek with the back of his fingers. “I’m sorry.” He stepped away and, giving one rueful glance at her, he strode from the kitchen leaving Leah leaning against the cabinet, shaking in the aftermath of their encounter.

About the Author: J.D. Faver lives near Houston, Texas. She writes contemporary romance and romantic thrillers. Although in the habit of writing daily, she still finds time to enjoy family and friends. Cooking, gardening, and painting are among her other pursuits. She is an active participant in several local and national writer’s organizations. As you can tell she loves people and mingling with her species: writers. They’re the only ones roaming free who also hear voices.
She would rather be sailing or on a beach somewhere. But if she can’t do either of those things, she would just as soon write.You can keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest She loves to meet readers and writers.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Blog
Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or Kobo.

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