Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Places to Read

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Wasn’t this a fun prompt? There are so many different ways to answer it.

1. While waiting for news of any sort, especially if you don’t yet know if it will be positive or negative news.

2. At the dentist’s or doctor’s office.

3. When waking up. Why not get a few pages in while you’re waiting for the tea to steep or the eggs to finish hard boiling.

4. When I’m bored or restless.

5. At a coffee shop.

6. While healing from an injury. I fractured a bone a few years ago and was so grateful for the cheerful distraction of books while I did all of the resting needed for my body to fully heal.

7. After donating blood or receiving a vaccination. Reading can help speed through the mandatory observation period for minor procedures like these.

8. When I’m feeling nervous.

9. If I’m in a lighthearted mood.

10. When I’ve had a bad dream. Sometimes it helps to clear those images out of my mind in the middle of the night if I can find happier ones to take their places.


  1. Reading is such a gift while recuperating. Whether at home with just a cold, or, like you with a broken bone, reading some good books definitely helps pass the time and distracts your mind.

  2. Hmm, number 10 is interesting. I’ve never tried reading after a bad dream. I do what are called ‘midnight meditations’ instead – they’re designed to help you get back to sleep.

  3. Oh yes, reading can be a great distraction while waiting for news. Great list!

    My TTT:

  4. Great list! I think I’ve done all of these except the early morning kne. I’m more a roll out a go person lol.

  5. Reading after a bad dream is an excellent idea! I’ll definitely have to remember that one. Great list 🙂

  6. This is such a great list – books have always been a great distraction!

  7. Someone mentioned hospitals on their list today. I wouldn’t call hospitals a favorite place to read, but I have read a lot in them while waiting to see a doctor or while recovering from surgery. You’re right that books are a great distraction from both pain and boredom while healing!

    Happy TTT!


  8. It’s such a wonderful distraction! I love pulling my kindle out when I’m waiting at appts. because sometimes you can get a lot of reading done in the waiting room!

  9. A great list! I took a book with me for trips to get vaccinated this summer. Those 15 minutes can take forever when you don’t have something to do.

    When you get the chance, I hope you stop by my post:

    • Yes, those fifteen minute waits after the Covid-19 vaccines were long ones for sure! I’m glad you had a book to keep you busy.

  10. I like reading in the morning, right at the start of the day. Or yes during breakfast. 🙂

    Coffee shops too or places like Panera Bread.

  11. I always say, everywhere is a great place to read.

    My TTT.

  12. Yes to the bad dream one! I’m always doing that

  13. I only read when I wake up over weekends and when nothing is planned for the day. But I love it when I get a chance to do it.

  14. Yes to all of these! I especially like reading when I’m nervous – it always helps calm me down.

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