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A Chill Is in the Air by Rachael Heinan and Kimberly Metcalf


I love the theme of hot and sultry summer nights and in romance novels there are so many steamy places to go, especially when the least amount of clothes can be worn and you’re still decent. Or not decent. Let’s say semi-decent.

However, I am a huge fan of Regency Romances.

The longing, the wanting, being covered from head to toe. The flash of an ankle can causeheart palpitations. The winter scene and winter settings feel to me a lot like a Regency Romance. You’re bundled up, nary an inch of skin is showing, so when a glove is removed or a sweater comes off the sweet longing, reminiscent of my beloved Regency’s, comes to mind. There’s so much that can be done when you have cold weather and afireside when all you want to do is cozy up under a blanket and get warm in any way possible, and possibly fall in love.

My favorite Regency winter themed book is Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypass, a must read.

Kim and I are currently writing book number two in our Amber Falls series. It’s a contemporary romance and the setting is winter. Our book is after Christmas, but boy do I love a good Christmas romance novel. There’s something about wanting to be with the ones you love this time of year more than any time of year that makes it the perfect time and place to fall in love.

There’s a certain joy that comes with Christmas. The feeling of goodwill, the sense of togetherness and wanting to share your joyful spirit with others. Wanting to share pretty much everything: your thoughts, your feelingsyour gift list. Wanting to be nice but secretly being just a little bit naughty.

The first book in the Amber Falls series, Yours, Always, takes place just as the weather is starting to turn cold. There might be a few warmer fall days, but the chill is in the air. And when the chill is in the air the need to heat things up intensifies, and that can only mean good things in a romance novel.


An action movie star needs a small-town love to remind him how to live life, off script.

Greyson Atwood, Hollywood movie star, and his best friend Prudence Hardwick have been dancing around their feelings for each other since high school.

Fresh off a Spirit Award win for Best Actor, and despite the awards buzz in the air, Greyson finds himself burned-out on the Hollywood vibe. He knows his hometown of Amber Falls, Massachusetts is the best place to rest and recover, and it doesn’t help that his pent-up feelings for Prudence have simmered to the surface one too many times to ignore anymore.

Greyson decides he has no choice but to go to Prudence. As the town prepares for the annual Fall Festival, Greyson and Prudence finally have the time to navigate their deep bond of friendship that goes back to their childhood and find out if that bond is enough to build the rest of their lives on, together.


Rachael Heinan‘s love of books started at a young age. Her love of romance novels started in university when she couldn’t stand to read another textbook and picked up her first pure romance.

Rachael co-authors with Kimberly Metcalf. They met in the corporate world and their friendship flowed seamlessly into the real world.

Rachael lives in Minnesota, USA with her husband, daughter and 4 cats.

Kimberly Metcalf

Kimberly is an avid reader who managed to convince her best friend they could put their stories on paper. She is so excited to share them with you.

Based in North Dakota, USA, when not writing she can be found spending time with her family, cooking, or curled up in her favorite armchair with a book.

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  1. That first chill in the air is always so refreshing after a hot, humid summer!

    • Congrats on winning a free eBook of Yours, Always, Lydia! I’ve sent you an email to claim your copy. Let us know how you like it 🙂

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