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A Bird in the Hand

Sam was the best dog anyone could ever want.  He was playful, got into harmless but often comical mischief, and was loyal beyond belief. We adopted him from the local shelter when he was just over a year old. The shelter rescued him after his former owners left him abandoned and tied to a fence on their farm. Big, he weighed ninety-six pounds and was part German shepherd, which gave him his smarts, and part Golden Lab, which gave him his charm.

At the time of this adventure, we lived up North on a beautiful crystal clear lake surrounded by homes with long grassy yards that sloped into that large lake. It was perfect for a dog like Sam who needed the extra open space to run. In the summer, Sam loved to jump into the lake while I fed the ducks bread. He would try to gulp down the wet soggy bread as fast as he could to prevent the ducks from getting any. No ducks were harmed in this process, but it always amazed me he didn’t fall over on his side when all that heavy wet bread finally settled in his stomach.

I’m sure that’s how he acquired his love for birds. During the winter months, Sam would stay on his runner in the snow near our back door and watch the frozen lake for skaters, other dogs, and the species of birds that did not head south. One day about a week before Christmas, it had just snowed a beautiful clean white snow. Our large kitchen window faced the lake and had just been cleaned. It was so clean, one had to look twice to make sure a window was there at all. A small bird, which must have spotted me inside, flew and circled around near the window. I guess he wanted a break from the cold because he flew full speed ahead and slammed himself head first into thatwindow. Eyes closed, he appeared to be unconscious as he felland landed flat on the ground near Sam. Sam who was outside on his runner witnessed the entire incident. His ears stoodstraight up as he walked over to the small bird and began to slurp his head, well really his entire body. Sam’s tongue was bigger than the little guy. He kept slurping which lifted the bird off the ground each time until the bird opened his eyes. When he saw my big Sam, his eyes opened extra wide. He chirped before he flew out of there and away from Sam as fast as he could. Sam was so sweet he just wagged his tail happy he could save that bird. That was just like my Sam. In my holiday contemporary romance, “Paws for Christmas,” the dog in the book also named Sam is based on my real life Sam. I hope everyone has a happy healthy holiday season!

It’s the Holidays and Jessica Munroe seems destined for misery. Nonetheless she is trying to make the best of it. Her fiancé Jake, an emergency room doctor, dumped her for his nurse and just two weeks prior, she had to put her dog, her best friend, Mazy to sleep.

The pain of losing both the man she loved and her best friend has taken her to a new low. Jessica, determined not to stay down, is now hard at work trying to push through the holiday season by doubling up on Christmas lights and decorations she’s putting up outside her residence.
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As Jessica works, a big brown scruffy dog appears in her yard and refuses to leave when she tries to shoo him away. He’s filthy, looks hungry, and seems like he needs help. A dog lover, Jessica takes him to her vet who discovers a metal bone shaped tag buried in his matted fur. The tag reveals his name, Sam, and a phone number to call if he is lost or injured.

Sam’s owner Trey Musgrove is in the hospital the victim of a head-on collision. Now Jessica’s life is about to change forever thanks to Sam, this big brown scruffy lovable dog.

Side effects of reading PAWS FOR CHRISTMAS are a happy heart, an uplifted spirit, new confidence in the future, and a smile on your face!

Mariah Lynne is a Florida Gulf Coast resident who loves where she lives. The Southwest Florida Gulf Coast is a featured backdrop for all of her stories while her heroines are fearless, strong-willed, independent women whose memorable tales are sure to entertain. Mariah’s books include PAWS for CHRISTMAS (2020- 5 stars), THE DUCHESS’ NECKLACE (2017- 5 five stars from The Paranormal Authors Guild)), SHADOWS ACROSS TIME (2014), and THE LOVE GYPSY (2012) also available as an audio book. CLAWS FOR JUSTICE (2021) is a one hour mystery e-book. Her first book SEABLISS will be re-released as an e-book this December.

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  1. Debra Guyette says

    Pets are incredible. Sam sounds so special.

  2. cute pet story

  3. What a sweet dog and his story well told.

  4. Carman Colwell says

    I loved this story. It reminded me of our huge lab. He was very gentle with other animals and never chased one bird.

  5. Mariah Lynne says

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I can tell you’re all dog lovers and it was so hard to decide that I asked my neighbor to bring over his Great Dane puppy Lily. Her nose can reach my computer screen and her nose touched Carman Colwell’s comment. Congratulations Carman! Please send me your e-mail and whether you prefer Nook or Kindle so I can send you your prize. My e-mail is

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