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The Magic of Christmas

Santa is real! Let me just start by making myself clear on that point, so all of this is hypothetical anyway :-p

Do you think you should ever tell a child that Santa isn’t real, or do you think they should discover it for themselves?

Me personally I still believe so it isn’t a question I can answer, (you have to believe in him, right?)

I clearly remember my brother telling me there was no such thing and that Mum and Dad just brought the gifts and hid them. 

I was devastated. He took great pleasure in my distress, but then he was that kind of brother.

When would it be better to spoil the illusion? I think once a child stops believing it somewhat spoils the magic of Christmas.

So many things change, writing to Santa, getting a letter back, cookies, carrots and milk left out for Santa and the reindeer, laying awake as long as you possibly can to try and catch Santa or hear the sleigh bells, and no matter what you always seam to be asleep when he comes.

I guess it would depend on the child and if there are any younger siblings, if one child knows the truth will they like my brother take pleasure in spoiling it for the younger ones? Or would they play along?

To me I don’t think you should ever come out and tell a child, yes at some point they will question but lets face it, in this day and age there are so many things that happen to steal our children’s innocence, from clothing to TV to bad things happening, so why cant we just allow this small piece of innocence to remain in childhood as long as it’s needed?

I love Christmas, from the pretty twinkling lights to the gifts shared to family fun times, but when you have child believing in the whole magic and wonder of Santa and the north pole and flying reindeers and magical elves it is so much better. So much more fun and so much more special.

Let’s keep Santa alive.

I believe!

All your life you are taught to forgive. It doesn’t matter who or what your beliefs are, even as children we are taught we should forgive.

Is forgiveness ever the wrong thing to do?
What if forgiving someone alters your life in ways you could never imagine?
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Is it still the right thing to do?
Surely there must be exceptions to the forgive and forget rule?

One forgiveness.
One mistake.
One life-altering decision.

Which is right? Which is wrong?
Forgiveness or survival?

I am a married lady, on the higher side of 45, I have lived in Nottingham England (Robin Hood Land) all my life apart from a few years where I moved to the posh Harrogate, I am not posh and it didn’t work.

I am a bit like Henry V111 but instead of “divorced beheaded died” I have Alcoholic, Psycho and died. So I am a bit of a serial name changer, I am married to hubby number 4 but I know this time I have found my soul mate. He is the fish to my chips, the salt to my vinegar, the yin to my yang. My Dude is my life.

I have an older sister and an older brother plus an array of nieces and nephews, some blood some adopted, but I love them all.

I currently work in a betting shop which whilst I love it can sometimes be stressful.

I am Big, I am Inked, My hair colour changes like the weather (which in England can be four seasons in a day) and I am in your face loud. I don’t do egg shells and I don’t do cotton wool.

I am very much the kind of person who is happy in herself and if someone doesn’t like me they can turn right around and find the door they came through.

I have worked hard and shed many tears to be happy in my own skin.


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  1. Shaun Murray says

    Congratulations and good luck with your book!

    • Mandy swiftson says

      Congratulations Shaun.
      You have been chosen by the random winner generator as the winner.
      I will be in touch shortly to get information on where to post your signed copy.
      Thanks again Mandy

  2. Well done on your book!

  3. Well done G. Lots of love xx

  4. First – my eldest ruined the Santa Secret for my youngest-yes, I think he enjoyed ‘feeling superior’.
    I made Leprechauns and elves real for a while for St. Patrick’s Day too. There is magic in make-believe-because childhood is short and adulthood can be very long. Very long indeed unless you’re a writer- then you’re spreaders of a different kind of make-believe – and those of us who are adulting need that magic, that joy of escapism into a well-written book. Sometimes, in the telling, a reader learns something along the way, or is presented with a different perspective. The last part of your blurb” Which is right? Which is wrong?
    Forgiveness or survival?” – sounds like a journey into perspective. 🙂

  5. interesting book

  6. I believe as well. I love the way this mom handled it:

  7. My kid was homeschooled and pretty sheltered, so believed completely until she was much older than most. Then we decided to put her into school for 8th grade and I could NOT let her be teased and bullied because of it, so just as Christmas started getting discussed (Novemberish) I sat her down and told her. Still breaks my heart a little…

  8. Yes, I agree believing in Santa does make Christmas magical and full of wonder. My babysitter told my youngest daughter there was no Santa. I was fuming angry when my older daughter told me the sitter had spilled the beans. But, I believe kids tell each other in school when they begin to suspect Santa is really mom and dad. How the parent handles it is very important in helping the child through this unwelcome news. Enjoyed your post very much.

  9. Mandy swiftson says

    This is now closed.
    Thank you all for joining in.

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