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A Fondue Mishap

Every year on Christmas eve, my family gathers for fondue. Unlike cheese or chocolate, we use little pots of hot peanut oil that stay warm over an open flame. With our special forks, wedip our meat of choice into the oil and cook it to greasy perfection.

We never miss a single year, and I’ve dragged myself to that table even on years when I had the flu. We load up our meat, or in my case battered mushrooms, and feast until we can’t eat another bite. Once comatose from calorie overload, we pass out in front of the fireplace.

It’s a very ritualistic thing for us, fireplace included.

The most memorable fondue happened when I was about twelve. As my father moved the pot of hot oil from the stove to the holder on the table, the handle gave way, sending the entire thing splashing my way.

The lit fuel from the burner spread across the table with the help of the oil, sending the whole thing up in flames, decorative tablecloth and all. Of course, I was the only one already sitting at the table because I was starving. I lost my pants to a grease stain, but avoided bursting into flames myself.

A good fire extinguisher saved the day, although the cookies did taste a bit funny with the extra bit of frosting.

I can imagine Trent and Ian starting a Christmas tradition like this of their own, and guaranteed, it would go up in flames.

A brush with death delivers Ian into Trent’s life, but there’s more to Ian than he shares—a hidden life, a hidden career and secrets that may tear them apart.

When Trent is almost hit by a swerving Corvette, he has no idea that the driver will change his life forever.

Freezing cold and soaked, Trent pulls the strikingly attractive Ian from the wreckage. Ian is everything Trent has been looking for in a man—beautiful, sexy—and he needs a place to stay for the weekend.

Trent is out and proud, and he prays he can keep his hands to himself with the gorgeous man under his roof. But Ian is the one who follows Trent into the shower, shows him things that Trent never imagined and takes the final thread of Trent’s virginity.

After a weekend of passion, Trent finds himself falling for Ian, even though they live a country apart. But there is more to Ian than what he says. A hidden life, a hidden career and more lies than Trent can imagine.

Ian’s secrets may tear their hearts to pieces—or transform their desires into something more.

M.C. Roth lives in Canada and loves every season, even the dreaded Canadian winter. She graduated with honours from the Associate Diploma Program in Veterinary Technology at the University of Guelph before choosing a different career path.

Between caring for her young son, spending time with her husband, and feeding treats to her menagerie of animals, she still spends every spare second devoted to her passion for writing.

She loves growing peppers that are hot enough to make grown men cry, but she doesn’t like spicy food herself. Her favourite thing, other than writing of course, is to find a quiet place in the wilderness and listen to the birds while dreaming about the gorgeous men in her head.

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  1. Debra Guyette says

    What a great tradition! I love that type of fondue. It was my first.

  2. fun tradition

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