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Story and Song of the Season

In December, many cultures celebrate the return of the light in the midst of darkness.  Part of this celebration comes in storytelling and song, For many Native American and First People’s cultures winter was the time for story, and we all know a good story, don’t we?  When the missionaries came to the Huron/Wendat people, they brought the Christmas story, translated into the language and cultural traditions of the people.  And so, to this day, we have the haunting and lovely Huron Carol.

‘Twas in the moon of wintertime

When all the birds had fled

That mighty Gitchi Manitou

Sent angel choirs instead

Before their light the stars grew dim

And wandering hunters heard the hymn…

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born

Jesus ahathonhia!

Within a lodge of broken bark

The tender Babe was found

A ragged robe of rabbit skin

Enwrapp’d His beauty round

And as the hunter braves drew nigh

The angel song rang loud and high…

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Is not so round and fair

As was the ring of glory

On the helpless infant there

The chiefs from far before him knelt

With gifts of fur and beaver pelt…

O children of the forest free,

Sons, daughters of Manitou,

The Holy Child of earth and heaven

Is born today for you.

Come kneel before the radiant Boy

Who brings you beauty, peace and joy…

Maryland plantation heiress Ursula Kingsley is content with her secluded life in a convent. Until the bloodiest day of the Civil War brings a downed soldier into her care.

Blinded Rowan Buckley only knows he’s in deep love with the woman who pulled him off the battlefield. His superiors claim she’s a spy. He knows she’s full of secrets, but he’s out to prove that treason is not one of them.

The two negotiate the crucial times of the Battle of Antietam, Gettysburg, and the New York City Draft Riots. Treachery from North and South meet them at every crossroad. Will their love survive?

Eileen Charbonneau’s unique viewpoint reflects heritage that includes immigrant Irish, French Canadian, Eastern European ancestors and Huron and Shoshone relatives. She enjoys exploring the perspectives of people often left out of history: its women, its immigrants, its marginalized poor. Eileen has published historical fiction for adult as well for young readers.
American Civil War Brides series follows the lives of couples brought together by the most soul-searing conflict the United States has endured. The first of the series is Seven Aprils, the second Mercies of the Fallen.

Eileen lives in the brave little state of Vermont and before the pandemic hit she ran a small historic house B and B with her husband Ed. She adores him, her kids and sweet grandchild Desmond. Eileen is addicted to American roots music and dance, and maple creemies.

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  1. Magali Paschke says

    Mercies of the Fallen, what a wonderful way to start 2021! Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories!

  2. Thank you for your generosity to read your wonderful book Mercies of the Fallen. I love tea and those beautiful teacups. Would be proud to be drinking out of one of those teacups and reading your fabulous book

  3. What a beautiful post! I love the Huron carol!

  4. Amy Martin says

    Love your books. Please keep them coming. New Year wishes!

  5. Jean greenwood says

    Love the different perspective you bring to well-traveled histories! Beautiful hymn

  6. joan ramirez says

    Love history in all its shapes, sizes, and themes.

  7. was interesting

  8. Nancy McGowan Skelly says

    Love your writing!

  9. Happy New Year! I’d love to invite you to come host a week on American Historical Novels on facebook! Please email me at

  10. Roseanne Bracco says

    I always buy your books as soon as they come out. I love historical fiction. Keep them coming!

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