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Cooking is my second favorite thing to do, next to writing. When I was younger, I couldn’t cook a bit. My mother was afraid to let me in the kitchen for fear that I would either light the microwave on fire or cut my finger off. And by lighting the microwave on fire, I mean I have quite a bit of experience burning food. One time I put a smores in there thinking it would be quick and easy. I ended up with a blackened, smoking lump. It turned out that graham crackers should never go in the microwave. 

Many years have passed since then and now I’m not only a tolerable cook, but I am quite good at it. Each year I bake cookies and desserts with my children. They love to make cookies for Santa. And they love to take things to their teachers at school. People we normally think to give to. But a few years ago, I started a new tradition. I began giving a box to our mail man as well. He’s a very sweet guy, and the USPS mail carriers really are underappreciated. They work in all kinds of weather, bringing mail and packages. They rise early in the morning to accomplish their tasks. My grandmother was an employee of theirs for many years, but I didn’t truly appreciate their hard work until recently. 

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When those closest to me stabbed me in the back, I ran away from the city for a chance to heal. Then I met Will, my living, breathing, fantasy man. And the epitome of everything that could break my heart. He might walk away if I tell him the secret I hold so close—if I don’t push him away first. Can I trust a man with my heart one more time?

Book enthusiast is a good way to describe Bree. She’s loved to read and write since she was a young child. Her favorite Christmas gift was a set of abridged classics. It awoke a hunger for all things books. She published her first novella, Twisted Destinies Book 1: Balloons in the Yard, in January 2015. Since then, she has been honing her craft and writing as much as she can. She likes to write in multiple genres and gets much of her inspiration from dreams and conversations with her husband.

Bree was home schooled during high school and then attended a university. She graduated with honors with a degree in Mass Media. During her college years, she worked as a waitress. Bree resides in Arkansas. She is married and has four children.

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  1. Debra K Guyette says

    We just baked cookies yesterday. My daughter and I baked all day.

  2. I loved baking with my children when they were little and now I get to do it with my grandchildren.

  3. I learned to bake from my mom. She really didn’t have recipes written down so I would watch her and learn the amounts to put in. It was like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. lol

  4. I do like baking but I haven’t done it in a few years. I never did it with my mom or grandmother but that’s a nice tradition.

  5. Jean Patton says

    I enjoy baking, I find it relaxing.

  6. I always bake cookies at this time of year. I love decorating them.

  7. I’m baking cookies for Santa later today

  8. Karen Mercer says

    I enjoy baking cookies for the holidays. My mother taught me at a young age. My first “job” was decorating our cookies. This is my first Christmas without Mom but I feel her with me when I bake.

  9. I like baking and learned to bake from my mom and grandmother.

  10. I’m a great taste tester!

  11. Got the cookies all bakes and decorated. Pies are all done and my special cream corn-corn bread that is so sweet.

  12. I’m a better cook than I am a baker. It’s almost like a perfect science!
    I think I’ll eave it to the professionals to do their job. xD

  13. Shirley Emitt says

    Mon did not bake much, I learned cooking on wood stove with my grandma, and just started learning on my own.

    • Bree Pierce says

      Hi Shirley! Thank you for stopping by! You are the winner of the $5 gift card! Please email me your own email address so that I may send your prize. Also, my parents had a wood stove growing up. My mother did some cooking on one too!

  14. I used to do a lot of baking, from when I was 12 till about 40. Then, the kids slowly left, and I ended up “not wasting” the baked goods. It ended up with me not having any waist! LOL. Now that I have grandkids, I will start, again.

  15. Katrina Dehart says

    Baked all weekend to give out as gifts

  16. Just getting into trying to learn to cook now in my 30’s lol

  17. bernie wallace says

    I don’t like baking but I like eating baked treats.

  18. I don’t do much baking but my mother bakes tons of Christmas cookies that of course, the family looks forward to eating. 🙂

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