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The Moose That Attempted to Eat Christmas Lights


The first year after we moved to Alaska, I’d made arrangements for the teenager down the block to babysit while my husband and I attended his company Christmas party. Alas, just before she was due to arrive, she called to say she couldn’t leave her house because there was a moose in her yard attempting to eat the Christmas lights.* Turns out that being late because of a moose that refuses to leave is not an uncommon excuse in Anchorage.

Despite the unique challenges—or maybe because of them—I I love Christmas in Alaska. Yes it’s cold and dark (only five-and-a-half hours of daylight in Anchorage on winter solstice) but the Christmas lights reflect against the snow, lighting up the night. A Christmas star perches on the mountain and shines out over the city. Children squeal and giggle as they sled down the hill in the park across the street. And the whole city looks like a Christmas card. 

Outdoorsy people in Anchorage don’t let winter slow them down. They cross-country ski or ride fat-tire bikes on the trails all across the city or ice skate on Westchester lagoon. On one day shortly before Christmas, the Alyeska ski area in nearby Girdwood hosts a “Santa skis free” day, and the mountain is covered with Santa’s doppelgangers swooshing down the runs. The rest of us enjoy watching the snowfall through the window while we sip hot chocolate beside a crackling fire. 
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This year after Christmas, we probably won’t be gathering downtown for fireworks as usual. Still, the days will start to get longer, the moose will still roam the streets, and we’ll ring in a new year. Here’s hoping it’s a good one, in my hometown and yours. 

*FYI, the moose did not actually bite into the lights and eventually wandered off, unharmed. 

A little mix-up…

Could make her Christmas wonderful!

Natalie Weiss is mortified. After mistaking handsome Tanner Rockford for his cousin, she’s followed him to rural Alaska. Now she’s stranded—until Tanner invites her to spend Christmas with his family in their rustic, cozy cabin. But in this idyllic winter wonderland, Natalie discovers the family she’s never had…and the love she never knew she needed. But what happens when they all discover why she’s really there?

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Beth Carpenter is thankful for good books, a good dog, a good man and a dream job creating happily-ever-afters. She and her husband now split their time between Alaska and Arizona, where she occasionally encounters a moose in the yard or a scorpion in the basement. She prefers the moose.

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  1. Alaska sounds like a fun place to live, especially during Christmas. I’m looking forward to reading An Alaskan Family Christmas.

  2. I love that story about the moose trying to nibble on Christmas lights. How often do you (or people you know) see wildlife doing stuff like that in Alaska?

  3. Love this story! Only in Alaska can moose hang out in yards and eagles rip open boxes of fish in pickup trucks.

  4. Beth Carpenter says

    So true!

  5. wendy hutton says

    This sounds like an amazing story wildlife I see all the time, I live in a small town and they trot through my yard every morning.

  6. cute pic

  7. Perrianne Askew says

    Alaska and Arizona are quite the opposite, weather-wise. I think I would choose the moose, too. I live in Texas and there are scorpions here (although I haven’t seen one). I hear they have a nasty sting!

  8. Robin Weiss says

    It sounds beautiful, but too cold for me. 😉 I like Natalie’s last name! Happy New Year, Beth!

  9. Thanks to Long and Short Reviews for having me here today!

  10. Lela Middour says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska but now that I’ve got chronic health issues that seem to get worse during the cold, I really don’t think that’s the best place for me. I think I’ll stick with reading books like yours instead.

  11. Valri Western says

    I love reading books set in Alaska! I’ve read many. Yours looks like another great one!

  12. Shirley Weedling says

    Sounds like a very fun time!! Happy New Year!??

  13. Patricia Barraclough says

    This sounds like a delightful story. We visited Alaska in 2019 and loved it. It was a trip delayed twice due to health issues. We would love to go back and see more. We drove up to the Arctic Circle one day and saw virtually no wildlife – a few birds and a rabbit. It wasn’t until we got back to Fairbanks, headed for the AF base that we saw a moose running along the 4 lane divided highway.

  14. I love that story! I’m not sure I’ll ever get TO Alaska, but every time you or another of its authors writes about it, it’s like getting to visit. I love this whole series, BTW. It would be hard to choose a favorite story from it.

  15. patricia rose says

    i would pick the moose also, l enjoyed reading the story, Alaska looks amazing

  16. Nancy Schreib says

    I’m looking forward to reading this book. I want to hibernate in Alaska so I can read without interuption. Happy Writing!

  17. I would be like you, if I were there in the winter…. next to the fire with hot chocolate and a good book (or 100). I’m so not a cold weather gal.

  18. SARAH TAYLOR says

    Would Love to visit Alaska some day have always wanted to visit Love the post Thank you Beth and Love the cover of your book!

  19. Very interesting! Did you make it to the party?

  20. The winning comment is from Astilbe. I’ll send you an email.

    Thanks for participating, everyone!

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