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Sometimes, love comes in packages.

As the top ranked student at Charleston’s military academy, Preston Lowe excels in class, in sports and with women. Only Willow Dockery, a barmaid at the city’s trendy nightclub, sees the pain in his eyes when he’s out with friends having a good time. But Willow doesn’t know how Preston inwardly struggles to forget a past that could derail the career he’s worked hard to achieve.

Willow wrestles with her own secrets. After a disastrous relationship leaves her broke and disillusioned, she vows never to let anyone rob her of her dreams again. But as she gets to know Preston, it’s as if their tumultuous pasts meld together into something so startling it transforms their relationship and their lives forever.

Enjoy an Excerpt

Preston Lowe sat with his fellow cadets in the one place he didn’t want to be. He had to have been out of his mind to let his friends talk him into spending an evening at The Club—Charleston’s trendy nightspot.

Music blared. Alcohol flowed. Women wore short skirts. Their heavenly scents promised a night to remember. His frustration from ignoring desires he’d squelched for three and a half years rose inside him. He’d entered Hawthorne Point Military Academy determined to focus on his studies, not easy in a town filled with beautiful women.

Graduation was six months away, and the cadets, tired of studying, declared a night to pursue women. Preston hadn’t wanted to go, but his best friend, Ed, begged him.

“Just stay until I meet someone who’ll dance with me.” Ed stood in Preston’s dorm room his face looking pitiful. Girls terrified Ed. Not good for a guy looking for a wife.

Preston felt sorry for him. He’d go to The Club but he wouldn’t forget the reason he attended the academy. The war had taken the lives of his childhood friends. Preston would remember his vow to carry on the mission they’d started―to fight until this war was finally over.

“You boys window shopping or do you want a cold one before your commanding officer drags you back to the barracks?” The waitress’ honeyed voice was low and gentle and just loud enough to be heard over the raucous conversations

About the Author:

A native of California, Laura Haley-McNeil spent her youth studying ballet and piano, though her favorite pastime was curling up with a good book. Without a clue as to how to write a book, she knew one day she would.

After college, she segued into the corporate world, but she never forgot her love for the arts and served on the board of two community orchestras. Finally realizing that the book she’d dreamt of writing wouldn’t write itself, she planted herself in front of her computer. She now immerses herself in the lives and loves of her characters in her romantic suspense and her contemporary romance novels. Many years later, she lived her own romantic novel when she married her piano teacher, the love of her life.

Though she and husband have left warm California for cooler Colorado, they enjoy the outdoor life of hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and snow skiing. They satisfy their love of music by attending concerts and hanging out with their musician friends, but Laura still catches a few free moments when she can sneak off and read.

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    • Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you. When Love Whispers took me on an amazing journey with free spirited Willow and regimented Preston. In the quiet, love whispers. Listen carefully for the call.

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    • Hi, Rana. It’s wonderful to meet you. When Love Whispers took me on a journey I never expected whenI started writing the book. I’m delighted for the opportunity to introduce free spirited Willow and regimented Preston to readers. I hope you enjoy the book.

  5. Bea LaRocca says

    A lovely cover and excerpt. This sounds like a must read. Thank you for sharing the book and author details.

    • Hi, Bea. It’s wonderful to meet you. Free spirited Willow and regimented Preston have their own ideas about how to their lives. Then love whispered. What do you do when life takes a turn you never expected? I hope you enjoy the book.

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