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What Kind of Writer Am I?

I try to bring in as many facets as I can to my writing. I am a mother, a wife, a former teacher, and an attorney, and I make a point to bring aspects of all these experiences into my stories.

One thing I pride myself on is writing romance fiction that is inspiring to women. My female protagonists are no shrinking violets. They are strong, bold, and fiercely independent. In my day job, I am a prosecutor. I’m a female in a predominately male field, and I know how bright that fire inside you has to be in order to succeed, to not be taken advantage of, and to overcome. I tell many of the young, female attorneys I mentor that they could benefit from having the reckless confidence of a mediocre male, (and I’m not entirely kidding when I say it.) Life is too short to not be bold and go after what you want!

Another thing about my writing style is I focus on character development. If you don’t create interesting and relatable characters, no one will care about your story. When I’m writing my characters, I try to make them real. None of my people are perfect, and I don’t want them to be. I have heard from people around the globe who connect to these characters I created and consider them their friends, and I can’t think of a better compliment.

I outline a little when I start a book, but I mostly fly by the seat of my pants. There have been many times I’ve been just as surprised at the turn one of my stories takes as the readers are! To me, the story develops as I write it, and it is a magical experience.

I’m a reader at heart, and I love the romance genre. I know how loyal and committed this reader base can be, and I couldn’t ask for a better audience to serve. I write what I would want to read, and I enjoy focusing on the connection between two people—what brings them together, the chemistry that draws them in like a magnet, and the obstacles they have to overcome.

Writing is my passion, and love putting out these sarcastic and sexy stories into the world.

Madeline Everly wants to climb her muscular bartender like a mountain, but he seems opposed to the idea. After she starts working alongside him behind the bar, will he finally give into her?

When Madeline’s misogynistic boss, overbearing mother, and grudge holding sister become too much to bear, it’s time to let off a little steam. Mads has a wild streak, and she doesn’t apologize for it. She likes men, and she has her sights set on one in particular—Exel Kinley. If she can check him off her to-do list, maybe he won’t take up so much room in her head. As nothing in her life has ever been permanent, Mads has no problems going through men like she goes through gin and tonics at happy hour. Can she have the adventure she wants and the pleasure she craves, all from the same man?

Enjoy an Excerpt

I meet Exel’s dark blue gaze with hooded eyes, and the stare he sends back seems intense. I’m surprised he hasn’t spoken or interrupted us in some way, but I’m making the most of him watching.

I take my time. I continue making my slow, torturous movements, and the same noises are coming from me that I was making before he entered. In part, it’s so Tad doesn’t notice and stop what he’s doing, but it’s also so Exel can enjoy the show.

Since Exel and I first met, the attraction was instant and obvious for both of us. I thought having him would be an easy task, but I was mistaken. After flirting with me the first day we met, his switch flipped to off. I haven’t been able to flip him back, and I’ve tried.

For several moments I watch Exel watching me, and I see the effect my little show is having on him. No jeans could hide all of that. Exel’s usual attitude may make it seem like he doesn’t want me, but right now, there is no denying the hunger in his eyes. It looks downright predatory.

Tad’s hands are under my ass as he pulls me closer to him. My back hits the shelves, and it gives the liquor bottles behind me a light jingle. I lick my lips and watch my voyeur’s eyes blaze with heat as he zeros in on my mouth. I’m playing a dangerous game, but it’s the most fun I’ve had in months.

About the Author:P.J. DeVere is the author of The Starkford Series. She was born and raised in Mississippi, where she is still a practicing attorney. A life-long lover of books, P.J. finds it hard to tear herself away from a steamy romance novel. She’s had multiple careers in her life, but writing is by far her favorite. Before earning her law degree from Ole Miss, she was a fifth-grade teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Mississippi State.

She is a wonderful wife, a terrible housekeeper, and a devoted mother. Her sons are all grown with lives of their own, and she is making use of this newfound time and freedom to get to know the imaginary friends in her head. She is giving readers a distinctly different view of life in the South as not everyone down here spits tobacco through a missing tooth hole or says “I declare” while lazily fanning herself under a magnolia tree. P.J. has found joy in creating a series of novels that reflects the Mississippi she knows and loves, and she hopes her readers will find the lure of returning to Starkford as irresistible as she does.

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