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She’s just what the doctor ordered… but never knew he needed.

U.S. Marshal-turned-Sheriff Taylor James can trace her family back to the original thirteen Marshals appointed by George Washington. She’s good at her job, but once they find out she’s the local law, she can’t get even one of her dates to stay past the appetizers. Her plan? Convince good friend and hot neighbor Dr. Gabriel Adams to give her dating lessons since his dance card is always full.

A survivor of childhood leukemia with no guarantee his remission will last, Gabe lives by two rules: Don’t get emotionally involved and don’t let his well organized life spiral out of control. When he’s given a baby, with his name on her birth certificate, he needs Taylor’s help. But dangling dating lessons in exchange? If that will get the dedicated sheriff to lend a helping hand, could it be a bargain worth making?

Enjoy an excerpt:

Gabe parked his Jeep behind her truck.

Taylor had to admit the man had the goods. With chestnut hair, cut short, and dark brown eyes, sporting a sexy sense of humor in triplicate, the rumors had to be true. Irresistible charm, coupled with the touch-me cleft in his chin, and a light growth of beard he never quite shaved smooth, his dating card most certainly had a wait list.

Taylor resisted fanning her face. She wasn’t one of his dating bunnies, and getting in line wasn’t on her must-do list. Gabe Adams was every woman’s fantasy. Just not hers.

He frowned at the bag in her hands. The line between his dark brows smoothed into a clarity that had her teeth grinding. “Want to talk about the latest dating disaster?”

A startling idea braked to a halt in her head. Shoving the crazy thought into a mental locker, she shrugged. “He had to rush off to an estate sale.”

“Likely story.”

“That’s what I thought,” she muttered, giving in to his charming smile.

“When did you tell him you’re the sheriff?”

She rolled her eyes. Here it comes.

She knew it. Her timing had been off. “Did you hear Our Town is opening at the new theater next month? Are you planning to go?”

He narrowed his gaze on her. Taylor squirmed. And not in a good way. “You told him right off the bat, didn’t you? I keep telling you to wait until the date is over before revealing you’re a lawman…woman…whatever. Guys aren’t keen on the idea that the gal they’re dating can ticket them for racing through residential districts or bust them for being non-compliant with local business laws.”

“You think he’s a felon?” She ground her teeth. That would be a great addition to her already smeared résumé.

She could see the headline in the Angel Point Gazette now. “Taylor James, Former U.S. Marshal Turned Small Town Sheriff, Seen At The Chowder House With Notorious Criminal.” Now she was going to have to check the man for wants and warrants.

About the Author:

Susan is an award winning, multi-published traditional and Indie author. Her debut novel, Oops…We’re Married? was a Reader’s Choice nominee and Holt Medallion Finalist. She describes herself first and foremost as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer, and novelist. When not working as a nurse she writes, travels whenever she can, and remodels her house.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Peggy H. says

    What do you find to be the most challenging part of writing? And the most rewarding?

    • The most challenging part of writing for me is the day job. I work full-time, not in writing, so finding the time around that to write is always a challenge. The other thing I find challenging, mostly because I’d rather be writing, is marketing and social media. I can go days, weeks even, without posting anything and then realize I’ve been in my cave in my happy place too long 🙂

      The most rewarding? When a story comes together, I know the characters like the back of my hand, and their story is fun and pouring out. I can write forever when that happens.

  3. Thank you for hosting The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain. Taylor and Gabe were two of my favorite characters to write. I hope you enjoy their story.

  4. Victoria Alexander says

    Sounds like a good book.

  5. It sounds like an interesting book! Thanks!

  6. James Robert says

    Good Morning! Your book sounds great and I’m glad I got to learn about it. Thank you!

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