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Ten things people don’t know about me

1—I’m allergic to cats but I have two. They’re long haired Blue Russians (Nebelung for those that are pedantic) We adopted them from a rescue and are litter brothers. They’ve never been apart from each other and they are absolutely adorable. I joke that they identify as dogs because they act like lap dogs and follow us around the house.

2—I live in the state known for the greatest snow on Earth but I can’t stand snow. It’s cold and wet and unless it’s in the mountains looking pretty, I can’t stand it.

3—I love reading and writing fanfic. I think it’s a great exploration of creativity. I know a lot of authors think fanfic is an infringement on copyright but I think it shows my story touched other enough to make them want to write.

4—I love tattoos and have three. My first tattoo was an English dragon chasing a person. I want to get more and have plans to get a Selkie on my leg next to my Siren.

5—I have an eclectic music taste and can listen to classic Mozart and Beethoven mixed in with Five Finger Death Punch, Meatloaf, Abba, and Sheppard. It makes no sense. I don’t understand it.

6—I love the reboot of Battlestar Galactica and have a huge lady crush on Mary McDonnell.

7—I’m a detective and love it.

8—I’m a ridiculous tea snob and will spend obscene amounts of money on really good black tea.

9—I will never answer the question: who would I like to see play my main character. I think one of the things that makes reading so much better than movies is your ability to make the character who you need/want them to be. You can identify with different parts of the character or envision them as whoever you want. If I say I want so-and-so to play the heroine, I might take away someone’s ability to identify with them. I don’t want to do that. I want Rose to be who you want her to be.

10—I love random history facts. If you ever have any…share them with me! I will legitimately appreciate them.

Rose Trewin is on the run. Pursued by memories of her father, she runs from city to city, seeking normalcy. But Rose can’t escape her past, or the magic running through her veins, the magic that allows her to slip through the shadows unnoticed. The magic her father once used to mold her into a mercenary sent to destroy his enemies.

Now her magic is growing and changing, becoming something new and untamable. Rose is unable to rest. Wolves wrapped in fog follow her relentlessly along the countryside. Desperate, she uses her magic to escape, but the shadows are pushing her towards the center of a

Now, her country teeters on the brink of a civil war as a Lord Governor gathers power against the king. An enemy, with magic similar to her own, emerges in the chaos of political intrigue. Faced with a country at war and a king brought to his knees, Rose must accept who she is and harness her powers in order to save her country and herself.

Enjoy an Excerpt

With the dagger in her bodice, she slipped into the hallway, peering through the shadows in each room as she passed it. It was an easy enough trick, looking through the shadows as though they were nothing more than windows.

She found him back in his room, bent over at the short table in the corner. The soft glow from an oil lamp distorted any more details. Rose looked up and down the hallway, saw no one else, and stepped into the shadow casted by the still lit candles. She fell into the darkness, became part of it, and was in Gavin’s room. She didn’t know how it worked, where the magic came from, or why she could use it when no one else apparently could.

When she’d still attended the lectures at the small schoolhouse in town, before her father made her work, she was told there were different planes of the world. The gods lived in one, the world in another. Rose often wondered if the shadows were another plane, and that was what she was touching.

It scared her back then. It scared her still. Maybe if she wasn’t afraid of it, she’d know what she could truly do with it. Rose had never pressed herself with her magic. Never challenged herself.

She drew her small knife as she moved closer. She paused in the shadows, the cool mist that always seem to be present ghosting over her skin. This would be difficult. His back was straight and rigid. Even through the loose sleeves of his shirt, long lines of muscle were visible. She had one shot, one try for this to be easy and finished. Good thing I’ve had practice. Rose moved closer in the light shadow.

About the Author:Natalie Johanson grew up and lives in the valley of Salt Lake City surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Her days are spent trying to herd her two cats, Holmes and Watson. Natalie’s summers are spent camping with her fiancée or doing obstacle races with her best friend. She usually spends her winters hiding from the snow. This is the first of what will hopefully become a trilogy, but sometimes the characters do what they want.

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