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NASA – What’s new in the last ten minutes?

We sci-fi nerds are eclectic readers. With one foot firmly in unlimited black hole fantasies and the other shoe rooted in the almost-real-but-feasible that is NOT fantasy.

“- beam me up.” That fictional dialogue is but one instance where sci-fi fiction & quantum behaviors, i.e. quantum entanglement, meet. “Spooky action at a distance” juxtaposes sci-fiction suggesting that fantasy & magic are labels for fundamental laws we’ve yet to discover – much less understand. And this quaint System Solaris is by no means finished with the surprises for the 4-limbed space-species known as “man”.

Beyond our wondrous blue marbled cosmic dot of a planet, NASA’s discoveries across unimaginable distances as well as right on our proverbial doorstep are changing by the hour – or faster. Old concepts of aborning new stars and aged long-extinct galaxies revealing fantasy-become-fact are discarding established rules, changing fundamental laws, and introducing writers/readers to the unexpected, the unforeseen and the surprising in the realms of sci-fi fiction-become-fact.

Many sci-fi readers enjoy the technical, the specs, and system requirements along with the tools to not only manipulate spooky action at a distance but to learn the rules & how to make them work for us as well. We – writers of science fiction – got no choice. Goin’ a’venturing and explorin’ is almost part of our DNA obsessions.

Many prefer action and let their fantasies fill in the pieces. It’s reader’s choice. But a writer involved in the changing realms of what we thought we knew MUST do the research and stay up to date. The mind with all of its realms is the greatest show in the world(s)! The cosmos is a violent arena, and to step into it we’d better be ready, or nobody is gonna hear much of us once we’re done went & gone.

3D illustration. Sci-Fi futuristic abstract gradient blue violet pink neon. A glowing corridor on the reflection of the concrete floor. A dark interior room.

The threat of rift invasions seem long passed. Plentiful harvests abound. The Murian first-contact Terato Outpost has grown into the sprawling Terato-Murian Terminus Terato with a hub of relay portals reaching across the vast uncharted galactic expanses and connecting with its eon-extinct Lantaraan prehistory.

An exploratory Terato-Murian Jupiterr outpost is established on the gas giant seventh planet, and its quantum and gravitational energies are used to power outpost portals for an archeological survey of the fourth planet, Eorthe.

The Lantaraan database aboard Terato’s ancient Downday moon shows that one or more planets of the Solaris planets have apparently been lost. Expanded archeological records on other Lantaraan orbital bodies in the Solaris system show the fourth planet from the star—Eorthe—to be a sterile wasteland. Except it is not. Eorthe’s civilization is not to the level of the Murian Empire, but it is far advanced to those of a pastoral Terato. Terato and Eorthe form the confederated United Terran League under the nominal figurehead leader of League High Judikarr Eklam a’Qoc.

Jupiterr outpost expands into a major League stronghold, Jupiterr Base, when civil unrest erupts in the League, the unexpected return of rift intrusions threatens, and the Murian Emperor Klarvko Celo is assassinated.

As they prepare for confrontations with an unknown ancient enemy, the internal tensions on Myr and Eorthe push Murians and Teratoans to dangerous discords.

Enjoy an Excerpt

The first anomalies were logged by remote nanoparticle quantum-field sensor arrays positioned on uninhabited dwarf planets, moons and long-orbit asteroids of the star systems of the League. The inconsistencies were short sub-fracture durations and were seismically unremarkable. Across the League’s far-flung frontier systems, seasoned operators monitored the encoded decryption of the scan-logs. Through decades of use, the linknet had become indispensable; supplanting the slower interstellar particle entanglement-based trans-light travel. Linknet protocols established allowances for such random background fluctuations with standard deviations measured against system parameters. The diverse configurations of the link systems were accepted as fail-safe.

Senior specialists assigned to Terminus Terra II protocol-consoles maintained continuous scans for minor time-sync misaligns. Scan records were stored in Murian-designed crystals in tiered sublevels of mantle crust beneath Terminus and in Myraa City. Link schedules of freight shipments, personnel, and communications remained on tight schedules.

The erratic anomalous spacetime oscillations data was logged. The ruse was almost perfect. Except star-core substrate logs registered converter power for the unsanctioned personnel requisition of translinks coordinates for specific network portals. It was a simple oversight but one that had sa s’Blikova’at consequences. Besides, waiting one more day wouldn’t matter.

The following morning Marleen and her three sons would be alone.

About the Author:Hawk has authored several works of fiction including a historical romance Moccasin Trace which was nominated for both the prestigious Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction and the Writers Notes Book Award. His Cairns of Sainctuarie Science Fiction Series and his Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series have received national and international attention.

With postgraduate degrees and faculty positions in several medical universities, Hawk MacKinney has taught graduate courses in both the United States and Jerusalem. His professional writing includes articles on chordate neuroembryology, and aerospace research on muscle metabolic behavior in multi-orbital environments.

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Goodreads

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