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This book will help you understand your thinking. You are never broken inside; you just need to take yourself, your thinking, and your life less seriously. There is a divine wisdom always present and waiting for you to listen to it. There is no one — and I mean no one — wiser than you and me. We all have available to us this wisdom that is ready and willing to help you to be safe, to be happy, and to live a most fulfilling life. There is really nothing for you to do except read and watch for a lovely feeling to develop inside of you. This feeling is with you from birth; it is your ever-present inner energy of psychological well-being. Most of us cannot experience this inner spark of well-being because we have learned to think of ourselves as inadequate. The words in this book are meant to take you back to the gentle feeling of peaceful contentment and love for self and others. Relax, and see if you can find your way back to yourself, your inner home inside of you. You need not look anywhere other than inside yourself to find all that you truly want and need. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like now; you are capable of turning it around into a heavenly life while here on this Earth.

Enjoy an Exclusive Excerpt

For every thought that we have, there is an equal and reactive physical response in our body. For example, if you think to yourself, “My throat is sore. I bet I am getting sick; I seem to get sick so often lately. I am sure I am getting sick again,” then you might feel the negative reaction you have created within yourself. You may just get sick the next day, and your thoughts may have contributed to this getting sick experience.

When I was six-years -old, my mom got very ill and she nearly died of spinal meningitis. Several years later, she told me that when she had meningitis, she could feel that she was dying and she had a conversation with God. She pleaded to be allowed to live and raise her children. My mom prayed to get well and told God that He could have her when her children were grown and had left home. She said that after her conversation and prayers, she immediately started to feel better, and she knew she would be okay; she would get healthy.

I really didn’t think about that conversation much after that, as she was healthy and I had my mom back. Then, about seven years later, we all, my sisters and I, had grown and left home. It was five months after her last child left home that she died of cancer. Was this coincidence, or what had happened?

My understanding of this situation is that Mom, when she was sick, had, with a high vibration and frequency of energy, a conversation through universal mind with the divine universal energy or mind, and she made her desire very clearly known as to what she needed to happen. She then was literally healed by the universal energy with the positive belief that she had been granted her prayer to become healthy; her vibration and frequency of love were heard and brought to life. It was a miracle, and yes, miracles happen. Her personal energy and that of the universal energy combined forces, and anything is possible when that happens. She did indeed get to raise her children.

Then, when her children were grown and had left home, she believed she would become ill and die. This was on her mind a lot in the few years prior to her death. And, indeed, this is what occurred. It may have been the case that if she had again asked the divine power to let her live, she could have lived much longer. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. What do you think?

It would have been wonderful to have had her with us longer. She was such a loving, giving, spirited person. I do know that her spirit lives on even today, and it is a great source of comfort for me to know this. Her beautiful spirit lives on, in and around me. Mom, in form, is gone. She left her physical body, but her spirit or pure energy lives on forever. I believe it was her destined time for her to leave life on Earth.

About the Author: I live in Canada. This is where my husband Rae and I have raised our two daughters; they are our absolute pride and joy in life. Along with a career in nursing, I received my B.A. in psychology at the University of Manitoba. I have also undertaken the study of developing an understanding of the three principles of mind, consciousness, and thought. This understanding has enhanced my life immeasurably. Following a workplace head injury and depression, I went through a long climb back to health. I learned of an ever-present, inner psychological health that I have always had and just needed to understand once again. The result of this knowledge has led me to a life of peace, contentment, and love. I hope this book will lead you to a similar place.


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