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Kingdom Cold
The Complete Collection


Book I: Kingdom Cold
Book II: Kingdom Soul
Book III: Kingdom Untold


Beware: a binge awaits.

Deliciously dark, romantic and gripping, the Kingdom Cold trilogy now can be yours in a dazzling collection.
Kingdom Cold follows the impulsive, teenage princess, Charlotte, as she attempts to murder her betrothed. But an arranged marriage is only the beginning of her problems, for the world as she knows it is falling apart. Her kingdom faces total destruction at the hands of Merlin and Lancelot, leaders of power-crazed Camelot.

Will wicked King Arthur prove, once and for all, that ruthless deeds create the legend? Can Princess Charlotte sacrifice love to save her home?
Only one can reign.

Enjoy an Excerpt

Come on, Charlotte,” I said, kneeling. I tilted her head up to look her in the eyes. “We’re almost th—” I froze. A heavy stream of tears flowed down her cheeks, dripping from the bottom of her chin.

She sobbed. “I don’t want to marry you.”

It wasn’t news, but I’d never seen a woman cry before. She seemed so fragile it made something ache at the bottom of my stomach. This was not the girl who shot the arrow or the girl who showed her disappointment upon our first meeting. This was someone new.

I sighed. “I know.” I felt fear seep into my skin before my next question manifested. “Do you want to marry my brother?”

She shook her head. “I don’t want to marry anyone.”

I nodded as her breakdown worsened. It was a terrible reality, but somehow it made me feel better. I hadn’t exactly been a disappointment, she just didn’t want any of this. I had a lingering urge to reach out to her, to wipe her tears, or hold her in my arms, but I didn’t. I let her cry.

“I don’t want to be a princess,” she sobbed. “I just want to be free.”

Afraid to touch her, I inched back and settled into a more comfortable position on the floor.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” I said.

“Stop the wedding then!” she cried.

My body stiffened. “I too am bound to honor my father’s agreement.”

She wiped her face and looked me straight in the eyes, her swollen cheeks red and brimming with emotion. “What do you want?” she asked.

I shook my head.

“My kingdom? You can have it,” she breathed. “Let me go.”

Frozen, I begged my body to tear my gaze from hers.

Her lips parted and she breathed in like it hurt, before she spoke. “Aren’t you afraid of what you’ll be giving up?”

My brow furrowed as I contemplated what she meant. I bit the inside of my bottom lip.

“Do you honestly think you could ever love me?”

The word “love” struck me, like an arrow masked by dusk.

She studied my face, my silence burning away her last seeds of hope. Her tears began to fall again, this time slow and sorrowful.

About the Author:

BRITTNI CHENELLE currently lives in Seoul, Korea which inspires her multicultural fantasy books. Her favorite genres to read and write are Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Romance, Fairytale Retellings, and Young Adult Dystopian novels. She’s very passionate about equal representation and makes a point to include characters from different backgrounds and cultures in her Fantasy stories.

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