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US Colony Agent Brice O’ Rourke is traumatised as a child when half the world disappears as waters rose because of climate change and when North Korea unleashed sentient human like droid soldiers to conquer lands for their hungry people.

When the US Congress passed laws allowing the Homo Roboticus Sollus and Aequilavum programs, Brice gains Ira, a sister, and meets a fellow droid agent Lee Jae Sung who saves her life during a mission.

As a new President wins on an anti-robotist, authoritarian stance vowing a pre-machine existence, will Brice defy her own government and risk her life to save loved ones from extinction?

“Homo Roboticus is a richly-imagined cautionary tale of a future earth in which long-feared climate disaster has actually happened, the world’s population is permanently at war, and robots have become almost more human than their creators.” –Susan Krawitz, author of Viva, Rose!, a Sydney Taylor Honor winner, National Jewish Book Award debut fiction finalist, and Spur Award finalist

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As the small hand of the clock hit six, Brice turned to the window and saw a wave of metallic spike-droids rise from the ground outside. She counted backwards from ten, and when she reached zero, the spikes bloomed multi-layered metal petals and started turning in different directions. They looked like dancers performing ballet steps, she thought with amusement; one executing a deep plié to measure the temperature of the soil; another, a hundred pirouettes to record the ferocity of the wind. These were once tasks both her father and grandfather were responsible for, but for some time now, no human had been allowed outside the tundra and these droids had done most of the scientific work.

There was a sound behind her – an excited screech, and Brice turned away from the window. Eilish was jumping up and down as she did every day when the spike-droids emerged.

“Be careful, Eilish!” she said. “Come and sit beside me,” and she patted the broad windowsill she was perched upon. Eilish was the same size as she was and looked her exact age, which was six. She was wearing the same pajamas, pink with flowers. She patted down a few stray hairs sticking out on Eilish’s head, then checked her left leg. Made of glassinex, it had broken two weeks before, when she fell from the same windowsill. “If you break another leg, we’re in trouble,” she warned Eilish. “There are no spare parts coming to this side of the world any time soon. Which is a pain in the behind, because that’s what you’ll have to walk on if you break your other leg, so hobble carefully!” And then she laughed. Eilish grinned, and shook her head.

About the Author:

Mayet Ligad Yuhico is the author of FOURTEEN DAYS, a work of romantic contemporary fiction published in 2011.

Based in Singapore since 2012, Mayet has shifted to the genre of speculative fiction in her new novel, HOMO ROBOTICUS, to ponder on the consequences of global warming and climate change.

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  10. Hi Rana, I just attended the International Thriller Writers conference in NYC last July and I was fortunate enough to interview a lot of writers. Everyone says that whether they’ve published one or twenty books, writing doesn’t get easier. Staring at that blank page is such an intimidating experience to all writers.

    There are many qualities that make someone a good writer. One is the capacity to plough on, to write daily in good times and bad. But the most important quality I feel is to be humble and to accept criticism (whether it comes from self-criticism or from one’s editor). As Stephen King wrote in “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft -“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.” 🙂

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