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Character Creation

In the Finding You Series, character creation was definitely modeled after people in my life. My two daughters were inspiration for the young child, Gavin. He has the imagination side of my youngest mixed with the active, athletic side of my oldest. I wanted Lila to be the epitome of my closest high school friends. She is fiercely loyal to her best friend Camryn, and has no problem going to bat for her in every situation. Todd and Tara were created after two people that hurt me while I was in college. I had to really channel those years of my life to accurately portray their betrayal. Cole, being the rock, the fixer, is truly how I see my husband. He’s so haunted by his own ghosts, but somehow puts Camryn before all of that to make sure she is happy. Camryn’s strength reminds me of so many women in my life who I have admired and aspired to be like. She is a fantastic mom, and puts family first which are values I live by in my own life.

Creating my characters after these people in my life really helped me connect with them. I was able to feel their emotions and it helped to make the story realistic. I can’t lie when I say writing in a few of my past enemies gave me a bit of redemption. As, I move into a new work in progress, I can tell you my character creation is taking the same path. Write what you know, and I sure am doing that!

Cole Stevens thought he was finally given a second chance in life. With the woman he always loved now by his side, an adopted son who felt like his own since the day he met him, and a baby on the way, Cole could finally see his forever. And then his past showed up on his doorstep, threatening to take it all away.

Now forced to relive painful memories and bring dark secrets to light, Cole begins a downward spiral that leads him back to the place he spent years trying to escape. As the pain of his past collides with the present, he finds himself lost again, fighting for his family’s future. How can he find the way back in time for his forever to be saved?

Enjoy an Excerpt

Footsteps approach. I feel a light touch, and then hands gently finding their way around my waist. Camryn lays her head on my shoulder and squeezes. Gavin stands up next to me on the other side of the bench and links his arms around my neck.

“Daddy, are you mad at me?” he asks.

I lift my head, pull Gavin onto my lap, and tilt his chin toward my face. “You listen now. I could never be mad at you for talking about the baby. You will be the best big brother anyone could ask for. So, you talk about the baby all you want.” I lift my thumb. “Thumbs-up to the best big brother in the world.”

He touches his thumb to mine. “Thumbs-up to the best daddy in the world.”

As the pain melts away, Camryn squeezes my waist and kisses my shoulder. “Are you ready to go, best-daddy-in-the-world?”

I gently kiss her lips and assure her, “With you, I’m ready for anything.” The meaning of my words run deeper than the family dinner awaiting us at home.

She stands up from the bench and turns toward me. “Let’s start small then.” She reaches her hand out. “One step toward home?”

The distant roar of the waves slamming the shore, and the strength in Camryn’s simple words, fortify my resolve. I reach out to my wife, my lifeline, and grasp her hand, knowing she is the only one who possesses the power to save me.

About the Author:Kimberly Daniels is a middle school English Teacher who took the advice of her students to pursue her writing hobby as a career. When she’s not at her laptop dreaming up new happily-ever-afters, she can be found glued to the TV or Kindle consumed with a new show or book addiction. She lives with her husband and two daughters in in the suburbs of Philadelphia,

spending weekends at basketball games, softball fields, and dance recitals.

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