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Balancing Life and Writing

I’d like to thank Long and Short Reviews Blog for hosting a stop on my Zoey’s Place Virtual Tour. I hope I can connect with your readers and make them curious enough to read my book.

I chose to write my post about balancing life and writing. It’s something that the majority of us writers do. For every NY Times best-selling author there are hundreds if not thousands of authors like me. The money we make from our book sales usually doesn’t pay for the cost of publication let alone put food on the table. Most of us must have day jobs. Some of us are lucky enough to only have to work part time so we spend more time on our craft.

I have to give credit to the working mother authors who not only juggle a day job and motherhood but also are able to throw writing in the mix as well. Kudos to you, ladies.

We little-known, but hard-working authors write for the love of writing. We thrive on giving pleasure to others through the stories that build up in our brains and beg to come out. Being an author is almost like having a split personality because you can put on the face of the character you are writing about, get into their skin, and be someone else. You can say and do things that you would never dream of doing in real life. Sometimes that’s very hard when you are writing about the villain in your story. Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself into the mind of the decadent and depraved. Sometimes it feels good to be the bad guy. They get to indulge in all of the guilty pleasures. It’s true that I may have borrowed characteristics from people I’ve known, or met, or even of myself. But that’s what I believe makes the characters believable.

My husband and I have no children living at home. We run a small home construction company from our house. I’m able to take care of the office and still have more than enough time for my writing. My biggest challenge is hiding the fact that I write erotic romance to everyone I meet. I’m very proud of my books and I want the world to know about them. But I live in a very small, rural, straight-laced community. The local reverend and his congregation frown on alcohol, I can just imagine what they think about my books. Oh, well. They are not for everybody. Although I secretly hope the reverend’s wife has a copy in her nightstand. I have to keep my author alter ego a secret for the sake of our business.

In Zoey’s Place, my main character, Zoey DeLucca, is intelligent, strong-minded and not intimidated by men, sounds vaguely familiar. She is confident and likes to win. The reverend and his congregation wouldn’t like her either. Let alone her stone-cold hunk of a husband who has been known to procure hookers for clients of the oil company he works for. He is a powerful businessman, and also strong-minded and a winner. He loves Zoey dearly. They are the perfect match. Did I mention they both enjoy having sex, a lot?

Zoey and Mickey’s life gets complicated and obstacles try to ruin their happiness. What book would be complete without drama? There’s plenty of that in Zoey’s Place, too. Zoey has a unique way to overcome the challenges that come her way. So, if you enjoy a good, sexy, love story with adventure, intrigue, and lots of erotica, then I invite you to pick up your copy of Zoey’s Place.

Thank you for visiting and happy reading.

Zoey DeLucca is a successful Michigan divorce attorney. Growing up the center of a bitter custody battle between her neglectful mother and her caring father convinced her to become a Family Law attorney and champion the father’s that seldom won in court.

Her handsome husband, Mickey, works for an oil development company. The money is great but as he climbs the corporate ladder, he must spend more time traveling and away from home.

It was love at first sight when they met in college. Their storybook marriage is the envy of all of their friends. They keep the spark in their marriage glowing red hot with wild, uninhibited behaviors in the bedroom. So why does the feeling of impending doom occupy Zoey’s thoughts?

Zoey’s Place is a modern erotic romance about bonding friendships and life’s lessons. See how Zoey handles the challenges that come her way. Experience her joys, fears, and unusual solutions.

This book contains explicit sex scenes and very mature subject matter. It is intended for adult pleasures only. So, turn on the fan, because it’s going to get hot!

Enjoy an Excerpt

It was early evening. A scarlet sunset had faded into muted grey tones. The shimmering reflection of the moon danced on the surface of the lake as the lovers emerged naked, hand in hand.

The subject of love was not brought up nor was the word uttered by either. But it was love that was made that night. It was passionate and personal. They were two unwittingly becoming one.

About the Author: E.M. Bannock grew up in the Detroit suburbs. She is the second child of seven and eldest daughter of a working class family. Her parents had traditional, old style, European ideals which clashed with her modern, adventurous personality. The daughters were not encouraged to attend college. Instead they were expected to get married, have children, and be homemakers.

Her father was a great storyteller and sparked her love for writing. In high school she enjoyed writing short stories and poetry. A small inheritance from her father gave her the funds needed to begin her career as a published author. She has published two books, Totally Devoted, which is also available in audio, and Zoey’s Place. 

Born with the wanderlust, she found herself in Los Angeles. LA was an exciting place to be in the early 70’s and she experienced all that it had to offer. She met her husband there.

Marie and her small family have lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her small family which includes a spoiled dog and cat, two horses, also spoiled, and a brood of chickens that live like queens in the chicken-coupe-de-ville.

She has made her living as an office manager, computer programmer/analysts, project manager, clothing sales person, substitute teacher, and buffalo meat packer. Throughout it all, she never lost her love for writing.

E.M. Bannock is a Goodreads Author, a BookHub Author, a member of the Romance Writers of America, and a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer. Her book, “Totally Devoted” is a finalist for a 2019 NERFA (National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award) in two categories.

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    Good morning. Thank you Long and Short Reviews for hosting the last stop on Zoey’s Place virtual book tour. I enjoyed writing the guest blog and hope it gives readers some insight into the life of today’s authors.

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