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A Note from Dane Bainbridge: an Introduction
(written after the events of Beyond Every Mirror)

I’m not exactly what one would call a great writer, but since the first story of my adventures came out in the book, Beyond Every Mirror (which, on my manager’s insistence, has been written and marketed as fiction), I was asked to write this note. I have no idea what to say, and some say I ramble so I will try not to do that. You can read the book if you want the details. Haha. The only thing I usually write is songs. Yeah, I’m a famous singer. I also play piano and keyboards in the band. We are what I call a Symphonic hard rock band. The only other writing I have done was when a friend told me I should start my own blog. So I did.

Unfortunately, most of the posts in my blog aren’t even written by me. When I was kidnapped into the Dimension behind mirrors (Mikaire), I kinda had to stop writing in it. Not only because I had to leave my laptop behind, but because, well, there are no laptops in Mikaire. There’s not much of anything except ancient and anachronistic buildings and foliage. And the people… blood drinkers. I call them vampires, though they don’t call themselves that. Not that I am much into technology anyway, never have been, except where music is concerned, because, well, I have to be. It’s my career. It makes sense, though. Most of my lives were lived long before technology. Yep, I remember them all now. Who knew reincarnation was a real thing… except it seemed to be only reserved for me! Lucky me. I guess I am, for I never would have met my beautiful wife if I hadn’t been.

To continue on, I am married to a beautiful ginger-haired woman who happens to come from Mikaire. I know, it’s all so crazy and if it had not happened to me I wouldn’t have believed it. Meirah and I are happily awaiting the birth of our first child. The worst part about that is, because she conceived while in her home Dimension of Mikaire, it will take close to 5 years in this Mortal Dimension (as it’s called by the others) for her to give birth. The time variation between Mikaire and here is vast. One year there is 32 years here. Enough time for me to live yet another life, become an adult, then be dragged back for sacrifice. Ugh. So many times I died. But I didn’t fight it too much. After all, if I lived, my love and her world would perish. It’s all pretty nuts actually.

I’m not allowed to say much about the events that occurred because it’s all in the book. But, as almost a year has gone by, I admit I have been having nightmares. My birthday approaches (December 24th) and I fear being taken yet again. Especially since I’m happy now. Ok, nothing’s perfect. But I have my lovely wife, my band and a child on the way. And yet, the fear of having to return only to be tortured and sacrificed weighs heavily on my mind. Much to my wife, Meirah’s dismay, I have begun once again to drink rather heavily. That’s my vice. I love wine and rum. I have a wine cellar beneath my mansion in Aiken, SC (USA).

I haven’t a huge amount to say, as like I said before, I am not a writer of words unless they pertain to the lyrics of a song. If you have a burning desire to talk to me or ask questions, you can email me at danesdarkmyst@gmail.com. You can bug the author of the book, too, if you wish (hahaha). I think her email is christine@christinechurch.net. Don’t bug her too much, however. She’s a nice lady who reminds me a bit of my mother. She was chosen to write my story because she’s a writer who’s been at it for decades! I think she did a pretty good job.

That’s all for now, I guess. Thanks to all who listen to our music and read this author’s books. None of us artists could make it without fans!

With Love,
Dane Bainbridge

Prepare for a new world, and a new Dimension.

Dane and Meirah are back, but they are not alone…

An enemy from their past has returned and is determined to get revenge on those he felt betrayed him and destroyed his life, his home. You’ve seen Mikaire, now enter Almareyah, where even a mere step into a puddle of water can mean torture, agony, and death.

After a fight separates Dane & Meirah, they discover their enemy has survived the death of Mikaire and he is out for revenge. And this time he has powers – wizard powers! Creating his own Dimension in the folds of time, he is unstoppable in his quest to make Meirah his Queen and Dane his blood slave.

Though this is Book Two, there is enough information to understand the plot without having read Book One.

Enjoy an Excerpt


Dane Bainbridge died under the heat of a desert sun. At the moment of death blackness surrounded him and the pain of life vanished. Then came the light. Beautiful azure bound his body-less mind. And everywhere flowed water.


All the troubles, tortures, fear and worry drifted away on the tides. He could have remained there forever. But soon there was something else. Red. Just a color, but not a color. Hair. Red hair. A word.


The word drifted through his unconscious mind, but he didn’t know what it meant.


Yes, that was a name he knew all too well. Kaeplan had killed him. They’d been fighting for centuries. And it was Dane who lost in the end.

But, if Kaeplan was here, then he must be dead too. But, where were they? Heaven? Hell? Or some other place? Hell. If such a place existed, they both deserved its fiery end.

So, even those from other dimensions went to Hell. But then…what was Hell but another Dimension in the folds of time. Just as Mikaire had been. Just as in Almareyah.

Someone was speaking. He couldn’t yet hear the words. He blinked open his eyes. That’s when he saw it. Just a sliver at first, but it grew into a ball of bright white light. Not Heaven, for if he had landed there, Bruce would be chastising him for his disbelief.

A face came into focus then, blocked out the light. She was beautiful with long brown hair that perfectly framed a sculpted face, high cheekbones and big brown eyes. She drew closer to him, and behind her he saw another. Both scantily clad.

As beautiful women closed in around him, Dane reveled in the paradise of his own thoughts.

A dream.

He tried to move, to reach to them. But the pain returned. His back aflame, his arms ached, legs stiff and sore.

Hell hath no fury… And the blackness returned once again.

About the Author: Christine Church is the bestselling author of the Fate of the True Vampires series.

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  4. Dane and I thank you all and hope you enjoy the books (book three will be out Feb 28th)

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