Working Jerusalem by BA Tortuga

Working Jerusalem by BA Tortuga
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (193 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Spanking, BDSM, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Buttoned-down and sexually repressed lawyer JD desperately wants to break free of the closet and explore his desires… and coffee shop owner Todd is just the man to take him on a wild ride through pleasure, pain, power play, need, and even love.

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Todd loved his coffee shop business. He got to watch as all sorts of guys hook up and start something new. JD was still deep in the closet and a bit of a workaholic, but the two men hit it off immediately. Can they make a go of the fresh new romance brewing between them?

I found this to be a really fun but super smoking hot full length story. Todd and JD hit it off right away and the chemistry sizzles between them and neither man is shy about jumping the other. I was pleased that Todd didn’t get all alpha-Dominant right from the very start, but rather he eased himself and JD into the more BDSM elements that entered into their relationship. I found this really helped me feel the story was realistic – but also gave me a chance to get to know Todd and JD’s characters a little better before they got their kink on.

A part of me felt that JD trusted Todd a little quicker than I would have expected for a closeted, slightly repressed young man – but while it didn’t strike me, personally, as realistic I could see where the author was coming from in not wanting to drag out the BDSM element to their relationship. The speed and depth of trust between the heroes is totally a matter of the readers personal taste, and while it was a little hasty for me – I bet plenty of other readers will feel it’s paced exactly right.

While most of the story revolves around the two men, there were a few very strongly drawn and interesting secondary characters that I felt helped add to the plot. This gave the store a more three-dimensional feel. Instead of the romance and growing relationship being the only aspect of plot one of JDs colleagues in particular helped give another element – and plenty of conflict too – to the story as a whole and made it feel deeper to me. While the character isn’t a villain in the more traditional sense, he is extremely homophobic and unpleasant (as bad guys are meant to be). Readers looking for happy and light fluff style of story mightn’t find this suits what they’re looking for. That said I really feel this story should appeal to a wide range of readers. There is plenty of steamy sex and a fair bit of kink – nothing too over the top, but enough I’d not be recommending this book to readers who prefer a little less spice and explicitness in their romances.

Sexy and steamy – this is a really good M/M romance with a lovely dose of kink and spice. Great characters and a realistic feel this is a lovely story I greatly enjoyed.

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